Sen. Tuberville is blocking military promotions and it's going to make top talent quit for the private sector, top officers of Army, Navy, and Air Force say

  • Secretaries of the Army, Navy, and Air Force condemned Sen. Tuberville's blocking of military promotions.

  • They suggested in The Washington Post that top military talent may flee for the private sector.

  • Tuberville has blocked hundreds of promotions in protest of the Pentagon's abortion policies.

Top officers in the US Army, Navy, and Air Force say Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville's decision to block new military leadership could cause top talent to flee to the private sector.

Carlos Del Toro, Frank Kendall, and Christine Wormuth — the secretaries of the Navy, Air Force, and Army, respectively — penned an op-ed in The Washington Post Monday calling on Sen. Tuberville to stop the "dangerous hold" he has placed on the promotions of hundreds of military officials.

Tuberville has single-handedly blocked more than 300 promotions since February in protest of the Pentagon's new policy that allows service members to get reimbursed if they need to travel out-of-state to receive abortion care.

The officials write in The Post that, as a result, scores of top talent may leave the force in favor of positions elsewhere where they are more appreciated.

"They are watching this spectacle and might conclude that their service at the highest ranks of our military is no longer valued by members of Congress or, by extension, the American public," Del Toro, Kendall, and Wormuth write in The Post.

"Rather than continue making sacrifices to serve our nation," the letter continues, "some might leave uniformed service for other opportunities, robbing the Defense Department of talent cultivated over decades that we now need most to maintain our superiority over our rivals and adversaries."

Del Toro, Kendall, and Wormuth say that Tuberville's actions are putting the country's "national security at risk," and directly harming service members and their families.

Sen. Tuberville did not immediately respond to Insider's request for comment.

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