Senators prospect details horrifying birthday incident

Ottawa Senators prospect Logan Brown won’t be forgetting his 22nd birthday anytime soon.

Unfortunately, though, it’s not for reasons the former first-round pick would like to relive.

On Mar. 5, Brown’s dog, a golden retriever named Boone, ran onto the Bay of Quinte in Ontario and fell through the ice. Brown was inside his home with teammate Drake Batherson and was only made aware of the incident because he could hear his father yelling.

“I heard my Dad screaming and I was inside with Drake and I thought ‘was that my dad’ and I opened the window and sure as s-it, there’s my dog in the lake,” Brown stated to Matt Tidcombe of

Brown and Batherson both raced out to the Bay shortly after. Brown’s father was able to push the dog out of the water, but in his retrieval attempts, he too fell into the water.

“Luckily, he said he watched a video on Facebook about a week ago of a guy who put himself through the ice deliberately to teach you how to get out so after about a minute, my dad was able to get himself out and onto the surface where I was able to grab him and pull him out.”

After some tending to, both Brown’s father and the dog were ok.

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