Sex Education star's new movie debuts with 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating

chaneil kular in a still from accused
Sex Education star's new film gets 100% RT ratingVertigo Releasing

Sex Education star Chaneil Kular's new movie Accused has debuted with an 100% rating score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Kular, best known to audiences as Anwar Bakshi (aka a member of Moordale's 'The Untouchables') in the Netflix coming-of-age series, plays lead character Harri in the psychological thriller.

Accused arrives on Netflix on September 22, and first reviews for the film are positive, following it's world premiere at New Orleans' annual Overlook Film Festival.

chaneil kular in a still from accused
Vertigo Releasing

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Critics praised the film's subject in their reviews, which at the time of writing, has led to an 100% rating on the Tomatometer.

"Accused is a solid mistaken identity thriller as well as an illustration of the tendency for social media to form a virtual lynch mob with little or no proof on which to base its prosecutions," raved Scott Phillips of Forbes magazine.

Josh Korngut of Dread Central agreed: "In an age of digital witch-hunts, bad information, and rampant prejudice, the game of violent cat and mouse in 'Accused' is more than just intense. It's unbelievable."

accused poster
Vertigo Releasing

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Accused sees twenty-something Harri travel from the city to dog sit for his parents in the countryside.

After waving his family off on their travels, Harri discovers that he has been mistaken as the suspect of a train bombing in London, with images and accusations against him spiralling online.

"Would-be heroes of the people track down his house, where Harri must prove his innocence to the online masses and defend his home and himself from the violent vigilantes," teases the official synopsis.

chaneil kular in a still from accused
Vertigo Releasing

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Douglas Davidson in his review for Elements of Madness praised Kular's performance.

"'Accused' enables the audience to see just what false journalism and mob mentality powered by xenophobia can do, daring you to look away even when the lead performance leaves you spellbound and still."

Critic Jennie Kermode similarly singled out the film's director.

"Director Philip Barantini was responsible for 2020’s kitchen-set drama Boiling Point, and here he demonstrates the same mastery of tension," she wrote in her review for Eye for Film.

Kat Hughes of The Hollywood News agreed Accused was "another anxiety inducing nightmare from Philip Barantini".

September is a busy month for Kular, as his new film debuts on the streaming service a day after Sex Education season 4 drops. Viewers will see him reprise his role as Anwar in the show's final season.

Accused is available on Netflix from September 22.

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