Shane Black Reveals His Lethal Weapon 5 Pitch

Shane Black may be busy promoting his latest film, ‘The Nice Guys’ starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, but it hasn’t stopped him from sharing his proposal for ‘Lethal Weapon 5′.


As it stands, anything that might’ve constituted as a fifth film in the buddy cop series was put to bed years ago when sources denied another Riggs and Murtaugh movie would happen. There’s since been talk about a possible reboot, which went on to develop into a Fox TV series, led by Damon Wayans Sr. and Clayne Crawford who assume younger roles that Danny Glover and Mel Gibson made famous.

While speaking to The Playlist, Black revealed he’d previously written an outline for it: “I wrote a 62-page treatment with my friend Chuck for ‘Lethal Weapon 5′ that would’ve been, I think, a very good movie.”

With Black having penned the first two ‘Lethal Weapon’ films - as well as been responsible for making ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ and 2013′s billion dollar-breaking ‘Iron Man’ for Marvel - the chances are he would’ve had an intriguing, well-thought story, and it turns out he did.

“It was interesting. It was essentially an older Riggs and Murtaugh in New York City during the worst blizzard in east coast history, fighting a team of expert Blackwater guys from Afghanistan that’s smuggling antiquities. And we had a young character that actually counter-pointed them. But I didn’t wanna do what people do when they’re trying to transition which is, they sorta put the two older guys in the movie, but really it’s about their son! And he’s gonna take over and we’re gonna do a spinoff. F**k that, if they’re gonna be in the movie, they’re gonna be in the movie — I don’t care how old they are.”


Based on Black’s writing credentials - including the upcoming ‘The Nice Guys’ which is a sharply written film worthy of succeeding ‘Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’ - there’s every chance he’d have a sure-fire hit.

Even though Hollywood have canned the idea, with the amount of remakes, reboots and reimaginings that are churned out, there’s every chance this could materialise at some point in the future. However, with Gibson and Glover entering retirement - they’re 60 and 69, respectively - someone better green light it sooner rather than later.

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Picture credit: WENN, Warner Bros.

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