Shazam 2’s David F Sandberg on MCU issue he wanted to avoid

Shazam! Fury of the Gods director David F Sandberg has opened up about the MCU issue he wanted to avoid in his long-awaited sequel.

Ahead of the movie's release this weekend, Sandberg discussed the MCU and how the ever-growing number of projects are becoming a little difficult to keep up with.

"I'm sort of a little bummed out how with the serialisation of movies, how it turned into TV shows where it's like, I guess that's more of a Marvel thing at the moment," he said in an exclusive interview with Digital Spy.

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"Like, I love Marvel and everything, but it's kind of like, you're watching things like 'who’s that guy again', 'which movie was that' and 'what happened there?'"

The filmmaker explained how he prefers it when "movies are are standalone, but they can still connect together", which he hoped to accomplish with Shazam 2.

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He's not the only one who struggles to keep up with superhero projects, either. Helen Mirren, who takes on the role of Hespera in Sandberg's sequel, previously admitted to finding the plot of the new movie a little "complicated".

"Don’t ask me about the plot, it’s too complicated! We are angry goddesses wearing unbelievably heavy costumes," she joked during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show last month.

"It was very hot and uncomfortable, and in fact Lucy [Liu] said at the end of the first day’s shooting, 'They are trying to kill us’, in all seriousness."

Further discussing her costume with Digital Spy, Mirren said: "I had the heaviest costume, it was something like 40, 50 pounds of stuff on me."

Shazam! Fury of the Gods has a cinema release date of March 17, 2023.

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