'Shazam’ Is Set In ‘Batman V Superman’ Universe After All

‘Shazam‘ will be set in the same cinematic universe as ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ after all.

It had previously been suggested that ‘Shazam’ would act as a singular movie that didn’t tie in to the same world as the likes of ‘Man Of Steel’, ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and ‘Justice League’.

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But, according to Comic Book.com, a year-end wrap-up piece from the DC Blog has confirmed that ‘Shazam’ will be part of the same universe as these films after all.

One section from the piece explained: “That changed on October 15, 2014, when Warner Bros. revealed a full slate of ten DC Entertainment feature films all set within the same universe.

The list included the movies we were hoping to see—‘Wonder Woman’ will get her own film, while the ‘Justice League’ will get TWO movies.

However, it also included quite a few surprises. A standalone ‘Cyborg’ movie! A ‘Flash’ feature starring Ezra Miller! A ‘Suicide Squad’ movie! And coming in 2016, no less!!”

While the piece doesn’t explicit mention ‘Shazam’ the fact that it states that the “full slate of ten DC Entertainment features films [are] all set within the same universe” is enough evidence that it’s included in the same world as the other blockbusters.

Previously Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who will star as Black Adam in ’Shazam’, had suggested on Twitter that the film would exist out of the ‘Justice League’ universe. However, it now looks as though the press had jumped the gun with that assumption.

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‘Shazam’ is currently in-line to be released on April 5, 2019, and it will be the eighth instalment to DC’s burgeoning cinematic universe.

The first was 2013’s ‘Man Of Steel’, which will be followed by 2016’s ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’, ‘Suicide Squad’, ‘Wonder Woman’, ‘Justice League Part One’, ‘The Flash’, ‘Aquaman’ and then ‘Shazam’, which will lead on to ‘Justice League Part Two’, ‘Cyborg’, and ‘Green Lantern’.

DC and Warner Bros. might decide to rejig this order at some point due to production issues or the failure of one of the instalments at the box office though.

But at the moment they have high hopes that 2016 will finally be the year that they truly start to rival Marvel’s dominance of the comic book genre. 

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