That 'Shazam!' mid-credit scene may not set up the sequel after all

Shazam! fans who stayed for the mid-credit scene may well think that it sets up a new villain for the inevitable sequel but its director has hinted that that might not be the case.

Warning Shazam! spoilers incoming…

Speaking to IndieWire, David F. Sandberg says that the inclusion of the villainous caterpillar Mr. Mind was just a bit of fun that in no way confirms his appearance in the second film.

“I just think it’s such a great character because he’s kind of goofy in a way, he’s like this super evil mastermind in the body of a little worm,” Sandberg said.

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“We included that without necessarily having a plan for the sequel. It was more like, ‘it’s a fun character and it’s sort of expected these days that you have a post-credits scene.'”

The scene sees Mark Strong’s Sivana meet Mr. Mind in the former’s cell where he has been residing since he was stopped by super-Billy and his family.

The caterpillar is actually seen for the first time during the opening sequence when a young Thaddeus Sivana is brought to the Rock of Eternity by Djimon Hounsou’s wizard Shazam. In a later scene, the box the insect was trapped in was broken and its prisoner nowhere to be seen.

The mid-credit scene sees the caterpillar, with a voice box, talk to Sivana and tell him that he doesn’t have to spend his days writing out the magic runes in order to acquire magic, there are other ways to do that and together they can take control of the Seven Realms together.

Sandberg may well be keeping his cards close to his chest about the sequel, like most superhero movie directors do, but if Mr. Mind isn’t the main villain in Shazam! 2 it does leave room for Dwayne Johnson to join the franchise as Black Adam.

Mr Mind is a big villain in the world of Shazam! (Credit: DC Comics)
Mr Mind is a big villain in the world of Shazam! (Credit: DC Comics)

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Johnson was originally meant to be the main villain in Shazam! but a decision was made a few years ago to have both characters enjoy solo movies detailing their origins.

Black Adam’s origin story is somewhat intertwined with that of Billy Batson’s as he too wields the power of Shazam though how he obtained it was less noble.

Zachary Levi, who plays the titular hero in Shazam, says that there is no guarantee that the two will face off in a future movie though so it might be Mr. Mind for the sequel after all.

Shazam! is in cinemas now