A She-Hulk Alum And More Are Joining Abbott Elementary Season 3, And I Can't Wait To See How They Mesh With The Cast

 Full cast of Abbott Elementary.
Full cast of Abbott Elementary.

Class is almost back in session! Season 3 of ABC’s hit sitcom Abbott Elementary is set to premiere in early February with a super-sized premiere. While fans have been busy celebrating the Emmy-winning comedy return for weeks now, they have even more reasons to celebrate because the cast is getting even bigger. Three actors, including a She-Hulk: Attorney at Law alum, have been added in recurring roles for the new season. And I'm so excited to see how these stars mesh with the main cast!

Deadline broke the news about the three new faces that will be joining the Quinta Brunson-created and led ensemble workplace sitcom. Josh Segarra leads the new additions and will be playing the role of Manny. Kimia Behpoornia is also heading to Philadelphia in the role of Emily. And rounding out the newcomers is Benjamin Norris who will be originating the role of Simon. All in all, these three actors should make for pitch-perfect additions to the acclaimed series.

New faces joining Abbott Elementary
New faces joining Abbott Elementary

Already familiar a member of the Disney family due to his time on the Marvel Cinematic Universe series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Josh Segarra should have no problem fitting in with this hilarious cast. That's especially since he has comedy experience too like originating the role of Lancy Arroyo in Max's The Other Two.

Like Quinta Brunson, Kimia Behpoornia is a hybrid actor, writer, and improviser though, for now, she'll simply be lending her acting talents to the series. TV fans might recognize her from her role on the NBC sitcom Abby’s or in her guest appearances in a handful of other hilarious streaming comedies like Max’s Hacks, which is one of the services best shows, and Hulu’s short-lived comedy Reboot.

As is the case with his fellow new co-stars, Benjamin Norris has a strong background in small-screen comedies and spent the last several years appearing in the Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher-produced hit YA dramedy series Never Have I Ever, which streams on Netflix. The actor also appeared on the recent iCarly reboot and appeared alongside America Ferrera in the NBC workplace comedy Superstore.

As tight-knit as the current Abbot Elementary cast is, it will be interesting to see how these newcomers fit in. Their arrival might throw a wrench in the incredible chemistry the teachers have, not because they lack comedic talent but rather because the trio’s characters are described as being “good-natured Philadelphia school district representatives.”

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Janine smiling at the camera in the school hallway
Janine smiling at the camera in the school hallway

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Being a massive fan of the school-based comedy, I definitely have some apprehensions after reading that. After all Season 2 featured a tense plot regarding Abbott’s future at a public school. Fans will remember that Hamilton star Leslie Odom Jr. made guest appearances as Draemond Winding, a former student and current recruiter who had set his sights on turning the eponymous institution into a charter school.

While there’s been no word on whether Windig will be further explored in Season 3, the addition of the school district representatives is definitely going to shake things up at the fictional Philadelphia school. But maybe I’m worried about nothing and these new faces will actually do good and help the school with some of the struggles it's been facing.

Whatever the case, Abbott Elementary is definitely gearing up for what could be an entertaining third season. Unfortunately, due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes last year, this season will be shortened. However, with Quinta Brunson and the incredible team she’s compiled still in place, there’s no doubt that all 14 episodes will be full of laughs, hijinks and maybe some romance for Janine and Gregory, who made great strides in their will-they, won’t-they relationship at the end of Season 2. But, aside from all that, et's see how these new faces mesh with the crew!

Season 3 of Abbott Elementary kicks off on February 7th on ABC with two brand-new episodes. In the meantime, you can stream the first two seasons with an active Hulu subscription, and Max subscribers can watch as well. And don’t forget to keep an eye out on the 2024 TV schedule for news on all the other broadcast shows making delayed returns or premieres this year.