She Said director shares influences and talks New York Times

She Said director Maria Schrader has told how the newspaper at the centre of the Harvey Weinstein investigation opened its newsroom to a movie crew for the first time.

She Said is released in cinemas on 25 November, 2022.

Video transcript

FREDA COOPER: I wondered if there were any films that inspired the way that you made the film. The one that came to my mind was "The Assistant," which came out in 2020, which was a similar sort of story. And also you didn't see the boss. He just sort of created this awful climate of fear.

MARIA SCHRADER: His voice various times, he appears in this unexpected visit with his entourage in the "New York Times." So we sticked very closely to how Meghan and Jodie experience this, right? "New York Times" opened their newsroom for us for the first time. So this is also an incredible asset and a big player in the film, right?

And by the way, you know, what a fantastic possibility to also portray a different kind of workplace than the one they investigated at Harvey Weinstein's company? And Dean Baquet, the chief editor, he's also on top of a hierarchy.

FREDA COOPER: I've heard the film described as 2022's spotlight. And it's already being considered as an awards contender, once the season sort of kicks off shortly. How important would it be for the film to be recognized with an Oscar?

MARIA SCHRADER: The most important thing is that people go watch the movie. And I hope, you know, witnessing scenes like with Jennifer Ely and Samantha Morton portraying Laura Madden and Zelda Perkins, these incredibly brave women telling their story and stepping out of this place of isolation and trusting someone. I hope that this is really inspiring for other people to-- who are maybe still in that isolated place. Or to just continue conversation, continue talking to each other, continuing trusting each other and connecting.