‘She’s a survivor’: Dwayne Johnson’s mum Ata involved in car crash as actor shares photo of damaged vehicle

Dwayne Johnson has told fans to reach out to their parents after his mother Ata was involved in a car accident.

On Thursday (2 February) night, the Black Adam star posted a photo to Instagram of a red car, the front side of which had been seriously damaged.

He wrote: “Thank you God [prayer hands] she’s ok. Angels of mercy watched over my mom as she was in a car crash late last night. She’ll survive and continue to get evaluated.

“This woman has survived lung cancer, tough marriage, head on collision with a drunk driver and attempted suicide. She’s a survivor, in ways that make angels and miracles real.”

Johnson continued: “Thank you LAPD & LAFD for being so caring & focused. Thanks for staying on phone and talking me thru [sic] it all.

“I got one parent left, so if you still got your mom and dad make sure you hug ‘em hard, cos you never know when you’ll get that 3am call we never want to get.”

Johnson’s post, which has been liked more than 1.8 million times, was flooded with messages of support.

“I know exactly what you mean,” commented bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman. “I lost my only parent almost 6 years ago. That hole never heals and I miss my mom every day. God Bless yours and may she live forever.”

“Praise God we love you angel mother!!!!!!!!!! Praise God in the name of Jesus you will ALWAYS be covered…. We love you mother!!! GRACE!!!!!” wrote Tyrese.

Johnson’s father, the wrestler Rocky Johnson, died in 2020 aged 75.

In December 2021, Johnson shared a video to social media in which he surprised his mum with a new car for Christmas. This was not the same vehicle involved in the accident.

Johnson and his mother Ata (Getty Images for HBO)
Johnson and his mother Ata (Getty Images for HBO)

Over the years, the 50-year-old actor has posted a number of clips from the moments he’s used his Hollywood blockbuster salaries to give back to his mother.

Last June, he posted a clip from the moment Ata walked inside the new home he’d bought for her and broke down in tears.

“I’ve been lucky enough to have bought her a few homes over the years, but this one is special as she’s told me over and over these past few years, ‘After a lifetime of travelling, I want this home to be my last. That’s my dream,’” he wrote.

“Mom, there’s no greater feeling than to make you happy... welcome home.”