Sheen: "90% of what I say is horsesh*t. 10% is gold."

Charlie Sheen, 47, has given a revealing interview to 'The Guardian' newspaper  where he admits:  "Ninety per cent of what I say is horsesh*t. Ten per cent is gold. And you never know when it's coming, so you have to pay attention."

He describes his public breakdowns, fuelled by drugs and alcohol, as "not a meltdown but a meltforward... I was kind of adrift at sea. I didn't have any charts or GPS. No nav system."

Charlie Sheen (Credit: Wenn)

In the interview, despite having apologised in the past for raving at his former boss, Chuck Lorre (the co-creator of 'Two And A Half Men') , he accuses Lorre and Warner Brothers of  treating him unfairly over money. He said of Lorre: ''He's a bad man. And I've backed off from him for a while."

Although he was paid a reported $1.8m an episode for 'Two And A Half Men', he had no equity in the show and argues that he should have had share in the shows that followed. He was also less than complementary about 'The Big Bang Theory', calling it  ''a piece of sh*t – it's a stupid show and it's just lame, about lame people.''

As for being anti-Semitic (he "insulted" Lorre by using a Hebrew version of his name, Chaim Levine), he insists it's nonsense. "My mom's Jewish. I'm Jewish. I just think he's a fraud and phoney and a fake."

Growing up with his father Martin Sheen's fame was "intimidating" he admits in the interview. Sheen senior battled addiction himself, but has been sober for 20 years.

His youngest son reveals that when he was hospitalised after a cocaine overdose in 1998 and his father turned him in for violating his parole, he actually helped him restart his life.

"He said, 'OK, you did all that. Now go get your money and take care of your kids.' Go take your money back. That's what he said. He's not a capitalist! He doesn't care about anything financial or commerce-wise. He's just the best guy alive. He gave me a mission. Go get your dough and take care of your kids. I had purpose again."

What's it like to be married to him? "Tons of f*cking fun if you just relax and quit bitching at me every day. I don't believe in panic, excuses or failure, you know?"