Shia LaBeouf Gives Bizzarely Intense Motivational Speech

Ben Arnold

Ponderous art installations, wearing a bag on his head, graphic sex scenes, taking acid on film sets… is there anything that Shia LaBeouf can’t do?

Well, he can now add motivational speaking to his already bulging CV.

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- LaBeouf says he was raped during his LA art show
- Shia LaBeouf seeking treatment for alcoholism

Last week, Mr LaBeouf, complete with his weird rat’s tail draped over his shoulder, appeared in ’#Introductions’, a half-hour video shot for London’s Central Saint Martins art school.

He’s introducing the work of students in the graduating class in 36 short films, each lasting 30-seconds and in front of a green screen, with the students who provided the text he reads out to fill in the background however they saw fit.

Over half an hour, all manner of baffling things happen, including Shia bringing himself to tears and wearing a motorbike helmet.

The last few minutes involve him chanting ‘Om’ with the back of his head to the camera.

But one section of the video that has proved particularly diverting.

In it, LaBeouf asks – or rather orders – us to 'make your dreams come true’ in a shouty and intense fashion, like a demented motivational speaker.

Rather obviously, it’s already being heavily spoofed online, thanks to the green screen background.

There’s a TED talk version here, and an 'Empire Strikes Back’ mash-up below, which is marvellous.

Say what you like about Shia, you never quite now what he’s going to do next.