Shine Ventures Makes Seed Investment in Minthub

Shine Ventures has made its first seed investment.

The angel investment firm for early-stage start-ups, founded by Jess Hunichen and Emily Ward, the cofounders of influencer talent management agency Shine Talent Group, has partnered with Minthub, a business-to-business company developing white-label products across intimate care, sexual health and well-being meant to be used during various life stages.

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Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Hunichen, cofounder of Shine Ventures, said: “We strongly believe in the vision and mission behind Minthub and are excited by their products that can shine a light on overlooked health conditions.”

The investment will be used for completion of the Male Intimate Care Range and Women’s Sexual Wellness Wearable Device. The former targets biological conditions from incontinence to severe conditions such as phimosis and includes a replenishing and repairing oil for dry foreskin and scrotum and a wash to improve skin condition caused by incontinence. The wearable device, meanwhile, is designed to aid anorgasmia. Menopause solutions are on track for development in 2025.

As well as a financial commitment, Shine Ventures’ services will also include an influencer campaign creating conversations around these intimate care issues, brand strategy workshops, brand partnership and influencer strategy development, public relations counsel, and events and sponsorship guidance.

“The key to our success is to understand consumer behavior and educate people on oft-neglected sexual well-being topics; education is essential to reach end users and foster positive social change. The insights and strategic support that Shine Ventures will provide to Minthub are vital for navigating and scaling in a world that can systematically bias and digitally censor sexual well-being conversations,” said Dominnique Karetsos, Minthub’s chief executive officer and cofounder.

Shine Talent Group acquired Toronto-based influencer management agency Fourth Floor Management in December 2020. In December 2022, Ward and Hunichen sold The BodCon, the body confidence-centric virtual conference series they cofounded, to the e-commerce group Trafilea. Sale proceeds will help fund future investments.