Shocking footage shows the moment two traffic wardens are ‘attacked’ in Birmingham

Shocking moment traffic wardens are attacked in Birmingham
Shocking moment traffic wardens are attacked in Birmingham

Shocking footage shows two traffic wardens being attacked in the street in Birmingham - after they were allegedly targeted over the council’s bankruptcy crisis.

The disturbing video was filmed on Stratford Road, in the Sparkhill area of the city, on the day it was announced the authority had effectively declared itself bankrupt. One traffic warden can be seen being kneed in the face while another has punches thrown at him in the middle of the busy street.

Onlookers said the attackers struck on Tuesday afternoon (September 5) after claiming the civil enforcement officers had “no power anymore”.

One witness said: “These guys were just doing their jobs and obviously have nothing to do with what’s going on at the council. They were saying they had no power anymore around here and several idiots tried to drive them out of the area using the bankruptcy stuff as an excuse.

“It does make you worry what’s going through these peoples heads, they haven’t got a clue and I fear things could escalate. It’s like they believe the authorities have no power over them anymore. What is attacking traffic wardens going to achieve anyway?

“It’s just moronic behaviour and it took place in broad daylight in front of families with children.”

On Tuesday, the Labour-run council issued a section 114 notice, meaning it cannot meet its financial liabilities amid an outstanding £760m of equal pay claims.

The council, which is Europe’s largest local authority, confirmed all but essential new spending must stop immediately.