Shocking photo shows man destroying LTN

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Photo shows man squashing LTN with his scooter.
Photo shows man squashing LTN with his scooter.

A PHOTO has emerged of low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) bollard being vandalised in Oxford.

The photo, sent to the Oxford Mail anonymously, shows a man jumping on top of the bollard in Bullingdon Road, off Cowley Road, this evening (10) at about 8.15pm.

It appears a blue car was waiting behind him to pass through once the bollard had been squashed.

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Oxford Mail:
Oxford Mail:

The controversial measures installed by Oxfordshire County Council, which enable the use of giant plant pots and bollards to partially close offside roads, are intended to be traffic-calming measures as people are only able to walk, cycle or go through the area by wheelchair.

However, in the past few months, anti-LTN vandals have removed, damaged and even set the traffic filters on fire in Cowley and East Oxford.


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