Si King thanks Hairy Bikers fans for 'continued support' as new book gets released

Si King has thanked fans for their "continued support" after Dave Myers' death as their new book has been released.

The 'Hairy Bikers' duo had been working on their new culinary tome 'Fast and Fresh' before Myers sadly died aged 66 from cancer in February after a two year battle.

In a new video on X, formerly Twitter, Si said: "'Fast and Fresh' from The Hairy Dieters. Thank you if you pre-ordered, hugely appreciated.

"It was a book that Dave and I really, really loved working on.

"There's 80 delicious, healthy and easy recipes - because I know we're all pushed for time these days."

He revealed the recipe book contains everything from soups, salads and veggies to fish, chicken and tasy bakes.

He added: "It's a lovely book and we had the greatest joy in working on it together. Dave was very, very proud of it."

He also had some words of gratitude for the Hairy Bikers' fans for the way they have rallied behind him during such a difficult time.

He said: "Lots of love to you all, thank you for your continued support, it doesn't got unnoticed."

He is still mourning after the death of his friend and co-star, and he recently admitted it is "really strange" to be carrying on with work without his pal.

He tweeted: "It’s really strange for us all not to have Dave around but for now, we will keep posting on the Hairy Bikers socials to keep in touch with all those people who have been so kind over many years and particularly in recent weeks."

Si promised that the team will stay in touch with fans about various "projects which will live on", and he'll be seeing people in person at events over the summer.

He continued: "We’ll also keep you updated on the events and projects which will live on and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at some of the Summer festivals this year."