Sigourney Weaver praises James Cameron's Avatar sequel scripts

The former Dr Grace Augustine seems to be of the opinion that our long-delayed return to Pandora will be well worth the wait.

Sigourney Weaver's Grace in Na'Vi avatar form (Credit: 20th Century Fox)
Sigourney Weaver’s Grace in Na’Vi avatar form (Credit: 20th Century Fox)

Sigourney Weaver, who portrayed the human scientist in James Cameron’s 2009 ultra-blockbuster ‘Avatar’ ($2.88 billion worldwide in case you forgot), is set to return in at least some of the four sequels the ever-ambitious filmmaker has planned.

Speaking to Variety, the 67-year old actress suggests we can only expect things to get more spectacular:

“In my opinion, the three scripts I’ve read so far are many times more amazing than the first one in terms of their scope.

“[Cameron] did a lot of the heavy lifting in the first movie, establishing the family and the relationships and the world, and now he really gets to play.”

Sigourney Weaver at the London premiere of 'A Monster Calls' (Credit:
Sigourney Weaver at the London premiere of ‘A Monster Calls’ (Credit:

Whilst little to no plot details have been revealed on the ‘Avatar’ sequels, it is rumoured the films will centre on Sam Worthington’s Jake and Zoe Saldana’s Neytiri raising their children on Pandora, whilst still in conflict with the humans.

Oh, and – spoiler alert, if you’re among the few to have not seen ‘Avatar’ – the film will also see some notable characters somehow return from the dead, including Weaver’s Grace and Stephen Lang’s villain Colonel Quaritch.

Of course, the ‘Avatar’ sequels aren’t the only highly anticipated follow-up films on Weaver’s schedule, as it is still planned that she will reunite with ‘Chappie’ writer-director Neill Blomkamp on a revisionist sequel to ‘Aliens’ which dismisses the events of ‘Alien³’ and ‘Alien Resurrection.’

Neill Blomkamp's 'Alien' sequel concept art (Credit: Neill Blomkamp/20th Century Fox)
Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien’ sequel concept art (Credit: Neill Blomkamp/20th Century Fox)

This as-yet untitled ‘Alien’ movie was put on hold to make way for Ridley Scott’s upcoming ‘Prometheus’ sequel/’Alien’ prequel ‘Alien: Covenant,’ but hopefully Blomkamp’s film is still on its way.

Of this, Weaver says, “I hope that Neill Blomkamp and I will eventually get back to it. He’s written such a wonderful script. I look forward to finishing Ripley’s story.”

However, Variety also mentions that Weaver and Blomkamp plan to collaborate on another, as yet unnamed film not related to the ‘Alien’ sequel.

‘Avatar 2’ does not yet have a confirmed UK release date, but is expected in December 2018.

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