800 free hot meals delivered to stranded lorry drivers in Kent by Sikh community

Laura Hampson
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Lorries are parked on the runway at Manston airport (Getty)
Lorries parked on the runway at Manston airport in Kent. (Getty)

Members of the Sikh community provided hundreds of lorry drivers stuck in Kent with hot meals overnight.

More than 800 free meals were made in less than three hours on Tuesday afternoon at a Gravesend gurdwara (temple), with an aim to make a further 1,000 hot meals on Wednesday.

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On Tuesday, volunteers working with Sikh humanitarian charity Khalsa Aid whipped up 300 mushroom and pasta dishes at the Guru Nanak Darbar, as well as 500 chickpea curries.

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Jagdev Singh Virdee, a spokesperson for the Guru Nanak Darba, told Kent Online: "They [Khalsa Aid] got in touch this morning about 12 o'clock and by 2.30pm they came to collect the food.

"We made some phone calls to get volunteers together because we are already doing Langar, where we deliver to vulnerable people."

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Founder of Khalsa Aid Ravinder Singh arranged for the meals to be picked up and delivered by police escort to the stranded lorry drivers.

More than 1,000 lorries are parked in Kent, unable to make it to France after the country shut its borders to the ukearlier this week due to a new variant of coronavirus.

However, lorry drivers who test negative for COVID may be able to continue on to France tomorrow.

Singh tweeted this morning that a further 1,000 hot meals will be provided to lorry drivers today.

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He said: “We will be providing another 1000 hot meals for truck drivers who are stranded due to #OperationStack in #Kent!

“I will be posting later about the generous donor who is providing most of this food! @Khalsa_Aid is blessed to have such support.”

Twitter users were quick to praise the operation, with one user commenting: “Brilliant. Absolutely lovely gesture.” Others asked where they can send donations.

While it’s still not clear when the lorries will be able to move, it’s lovely to see people rallying together to help one another.

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