Simon Cowell keeps fit with backstage push-ups

Simon Cowell with his fellow Britain's Got Talent judges credit:Bang Showbiz
Simon Cowell with his fellow Britain's Got Talent judges credit:Bang Showbiz

Simon Cowell keeps fit while filming 'Britain's Got Talent' by doing push-ups backstage.

The 64-year-old TV mogul has been embracing a new health and fitness regime and it's been revealed that he keeps himself busy during filming by working out whenever he has some free time once the cameras stop rolling.

His 'Britain's Got Talent' co-star Amanda Holden told The Sun newspaper: "He has been doing his press-ups backstage. Simon’s impressive, he’s got some guns ...

"He’s embracing his sporty side this series. He’s been turning up in tracksuit bottoms and a compression top. But the compression top shows off his best bits. I think he’s quite proud of his pecs and his guns. Simon’s got the pecs factor."

Simon added: "We all have our things we do before the show, right? I just do tons of push-ups every day to keep fit. We are kind of hanging around a lot backstage, so if I’ve got 10 minutes, I’ll just do a few push-ups."

The show returned to TV last month with Amanda and Simon on the panel alongside Alesha Dixon, 45, and 68-year-old Bruno Tonioli.

Alesha recently revealed “eight or nine” Golden Buzzer acts went through, despite the rules stating the judges are only meant to have one each and Amanda explained it's been a change for this series.

During an appearance on ‘Good Morning Britain’, presenter Adil Ray, 49, asked Amanda: “What’s been going on with the Golden Buzzer this series? Is there a bit of a change or have you been buzzing more than once? You’re breaking all the rules!”

Amanda replied: “We’ve said this week, the rule book has definitely gone out of the window. But Simon always said there are no rules on any of the shows he’s done, that’s probably why I’m still there!

“(There were) nine Golden Buzzers in total. I think Bruno set the precedent last year when he just kept on pressing it. There was so much talent when we were in the southern part of England and Simon was so upset that, when we went to Manchester, there wouldn’t be any more Golden Buzzers.

“He said, ‘Everyone gets another Golden Buzzer – we cannot go to Manchester with no Golden Buzzers’. So we had more and it was brilliant!”