Simon Pegg's new movie confirms UK release on Prime Video

simon pegg and minnie driver in nandor fodor the talking mongoose
Simon Pegg's new movie confirms UK releaseSignature Entertainment - Amazon Prime

Simon Pegg's new dark comedy has confirmed a UK release, and fans will be able to see it this year.

Pegg is to star as Nandor Fodor in the new movie Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose, which will land on Prime Video later this year.

Minnie Driver joins Pegg as Anne, with Back to the Future's Christopher Lloyd appearing as Dr Harry Price and Game of Thrones' Paul Kaye as Maurice.

The film is written and directed by Adam Sigal. His credits include Chariot, Sargasso and the upcoming film The Tower.

simon pegg and minnie driver in nandor fodor the talking mongoose
Signature Entertainment - Amazon Prime

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The dark comedy is based on true events, with Pegg's Nandor a Hungarian-American psychoanalyst known as the father of parapsychology who searches for the real talking mongoose, Gef.

Driver plays Fodor’s assistant, Anne, who journeys with him into uncharted territory.

The film's synopsis, according to IMDb reads: "In 1935, Hungarian-American parapsychologist Nandor Fodor began his investigation of a strange occurrence on the Isle of Man. An average British family, the Irvings, claimed to have been contacted by a mysterious entity at their farm. A talking mongoose. Named Gef".

simon pegg at the mission impossible dead reckoning part one premiere
Lisa Maree Williams - Getty Images

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Little else is known about the film at present.

The Mission: Impossible actor just reprised his character Benji Dunn in Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One, a movie that he said was the "most challenging" so far in the franchise.

He is also set to appear again in Prime Video's The Boys for its fourth and final season, which lands on the streaming platform later this year.

Pegg plays Hughie's (Jack Quaid ) father, Hugh Campbell in The Boys, and has teased that the superhero show's final instalment will be "crazier" than its first three outings.

Nandor Fodor and the Talking Mongoose will debut on Prime Video in the UK later this year.

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