Simone Ashley Awes ’10 Lives’ Co-Star Mo Gilligan and Director Chris Jenkins With Hidden Talent

When Simone Ashley chatted with The Hollywood Reporter at the Sundance Film Festival alongside her 10 Lives co-star Mo Gilligan and director Chris Jenkins, she revealed a hidden talent.

Ashley stars in the animated film as Rose, a student who is a doting cat mom to Beckett (voiced by Gilligan). For 10 Lives, the Bridgerton star used her natural voice, but she’s looking forward to the opportunity to show off her knack for impressions.

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“I would love to do a character one day with all these different kinds of tonalities in their voice. Like Stitch. I can do a Stitch or a chipmunk impression, or like Kermit the Frog,” said Ashley, proceeding to do an accurate take on the Muppet’s voice. She then took on Stitch’s voice perfectly, impressing Jenkins and Gilligan.

“That is a very good Stitch,” remarked Jenkins. Gilligan agreed, saying, “That was very good. Have you been waiting your whole life for someone to ask you to do that voice?”

Ashley then treated the room to another fantastic impression. “My dog [Myla] is Cartman from South Park. ‘Man, oh my God. It’s like 7 a.m., and you haven’t fed me yet?’ She’ll talk to me like this [in my head], ‘Mom, oh my God, I need a walk. You haven’t taken me for a walk yet,'” she said, immaculately recreating the character’s voice.

Jenkins was in awe. “After three years, this is the first time [I’ve heard it]. Brilliant.”

Besides wanting to do more voice acting, Ashley wants to tackle another type of role: “I’d love to do a musical.”

Watch the 10 Lives star’s impressions in the video above.

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