The Sims 4 free update adds Jewish food and Caliente family makeover

the sims 4, caliente family
Sims 4 adds Jewish food, updates Caliente familyEA

The Sims 4's latest free update has added Jewish food representation, as well as giving the Caliente household a new look.

A new Sims Delivery Express drop was released yesterday (May 16), with the main highlight being the introduction of traditional Jewish dishes including matzo ball soup and challah bread.

The game has been slowly adding more diverse food options for free over the past few years, with Arab, East Asian, and Latin American recipes among those previously added.

the sims 4, jewish food items

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Meanwhile, the Caliente family has been given a long-awaited refresh, with appearances, personalities, and preferences for household members — including twins Nina and Dina, Katrina, and Don Lothario — all updated.

This refresh comes after the developers addressed skin tone complaints for some of the NPCs back in 2021, promising an "a tiny overhaul" in visuals and lore for many of the Sims that populate the world.

They said at the time: "Hundreds of townies have come to life since the first Sims game launched 21 years ago. A lot of love has been put into every single one of them, and we acknowledge that they need continued care and attention."

the sims 4, caliente family

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The Goth family previously got a makeover in May 2022.

Lastly, the SDX update also features a new Create-a-Sim masculine beard.

Meanwhile, voting has opened to decide the theme of two upcoming pieces of content. Fans can choose between a rainbow core and goth CAS Kit and between a medieval and futurism Build Buy Kit.

Last month's Greenhouse Haven and Basement Treasures Kits are the most recent paid content for the game. Two further Kits are expected in the coming weeks.

The Sims 4 is available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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