This singer took her recording studio and her family on the road

Would you live in a 240-square-foot RV with two other people? That’s what musician Asha Mae (@asha_mae_sings) does, and she says she’s never been happier! The musician and mom spends her days traveling the country with her husband, Kemar, and son, Kyle. In this episode of Dream Big, Live Small, Asha Mae shares what it’s like living in an RV and exploring the US with her family.

Asha Mae starts the tour of her RV by showing off her son Kyle’s bedroom, a tiny cubby that sits just below the roof of the vehicle. “Those black storage bins in the back are his dresser,” Asha Mae says, pointing at a row of bins at the far side of the cubby. “Each container has shorts or shirts.”

Moving on, Asha Mae shows off the table that serves as the family’s main workspace. “We use this area for work, homeschool, [music] recording, and Zoom and Skype meetings,” Asha Mae explains. “It’s so funny because when we were in a house, we had this huge space that we did all these different things in, and we didn’t use it.”

Next to the table sits the family’s kitchen, which consists of a stove, microwave, and small refrigerator. “You’d be surprised how much magic you can work in here,” Asha Mae says, demonstrating how she places a cover on top of the stove to convert it into a counter space. “We purchased this stovetop thing so that way it would double as additional counter space, because as you can see, there’s absolutely no counter space here. So this is our kitchen counter, and the table is also our kitchen counter.”

Asha Mae notes that living in an RV requires the family to embrace minimalism when it comes to buying groceries. “If you’re living this lifestyle, just get rid of your Costco membership. You don’t need it, because there is no room,” she explains. “Now we only really buy what we need.”

Finally, Asha Mae gives a tour of the main bedroom. The bed fills nearly the entire space, and there is very little room between the bed and the wall. “It’s hard to change the sheets, very difficult. You gotta climb up there,” Asha Mae says, pointing to the bed.

In general, living in an RV requires the right outlook, according to Asha Mae. While it has been a rewarding experience for the family, Asha Mae notes that it’s definitely not for everyone. “You have to really be flexible,” she says. “Anybody who embarks upon this lifestyle will absolutely hate it if they’re not flexible. You’ve gotta have the temperament for it.”

But if you have the right attitude, Asha Mae says that RV life can be truly amazing. “One of the wonderful things about this lifestyle is that you can pretty much change your backyard whenever you want to,” she explains. “This is the American Dream for us.”

And for anyone who is intrigued by RV life, Asha Mae has one simple piece of advice. “Live life today. Do not put it off,” she says. “There’s no better time than right now.”

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