Single Nike trainer from 'Back To The Future II' sells for £70,000

Nike Air Mag from Back To The Future II (Credit: eBay)
Nike Air Mag from Back To The Future II (Credit: eBay)

A single Nike Air Mag trainer worn by Michael J. Fox in Back To The Future II has sold in an online auction for just over £70,000.

The eBay sale received 220 bids, before the lucky winner scooped the piece of feted movie memorabilia for $92,100.

Not even part of a pair, the trainer was also in an advanced state of disintegration, which much of the rubber around the heel having perished and crumbled away.

(Credit: Amblin)
(Credit: Amblin)

Those bidding were also warned that the outsole separates from the shoe, and it could only be picked up from Portland, Oregon, due to its fragility, but still the auction ushered in a flurry of high-value bids.

The shoe was from the private collection of a longtime Nike employee, according to the listing.

But thanks to their appearance in Back To The Future II, the self-lacing – as seen on screen, at least – hi-top, designed by Nike legend Tinker Hatfield, is among the most iconic training shoes of all time.

Nike recreated the design in 2011, and sold a limited 1500 replica pairs in an auction to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation, which funds research into Parkinson’s Disease.

It then made a further 89 pairs of the trainers with actual working power laces in 2016, also raffling them off for Fox’s charity.

Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1991, but thanks to his foundation, the biggest non-profit organisation in the world for funding research into the disease, he’s raised almost £500 million.

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