Siobhan Cattigan: Scottish Rugby admits it 'let down' family of player who died aged 26

Scottish Rugby has apologised for its handling of the death of former international player Siobhan Cattigan, saying it had "let down" her family.

The Stirling County RFC star died in November 2021, aged 26, having made 19 appearances for her country.

Her club described her as an "inspiration", while Scottish Rugby said it was "deeply saddened" by her death.

But in a statement ahead of the second anniversary of her death, the organisation said it was clear it "should have managed this tragic situation better".

That included Cattigan's funeral, which saw some of her teammates miss the service after not being not told of her family's wishes that they all attend.

Scottish Rugby also failed to directly contact her family after her death to offer condolences.

Its statement came after meetings between Cattigan's parents, partner, and Scottish Rugby chair John McGuigan.

"Having listened to the family I want on behalf of Scottish Rugby to say sorry," Mr McGuigan said.

"Albeit Scottish Rugby did not intend to cause distress to the family through our actions, it's clear we should have managed this tragic situation better."

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Mr McGuigan, who became chair earlier this year, said Cattigan's parents raised several concerns about the aftermath of her death - as well as her time with the Scotland squad.

They told him there were "some situations when we, as Scottish Rugby, could have supported her better".

"They told me Siobhan had specifically mentioned medical and welfare care, as well as how information around selection was communicated," Mr McGuigan said.

Her parents were also critical of a tribute made at Murrayfield before a Six Nations match vs Ireland this year.

Mr McGuigan admitted it "should have taken place at a much earlier opportunity".

"As Scottish Rugby we are fully committed to supporting the family's work to maintain Siobhan's memory," he added.

Discussions about how to do this are said to be ongoing.