Sky News Australia blasts 'simpleton' Jeremy Corbyn and congratulates Brits for turning against 'hard-left terrorist sympathiser'

Harriet Brewis
Rita Panahi slammed the Labour leader and his party while praising the Tories' 'thumping majority': Sky News Australia

A Sky News Australia presenter launched a damning attack on Jeremy Corbyn as she congratulated the British public for teaching the Labour Party a “lesson”.

Rita Panahi praised the Tories for their “thumping majority” in yesterday’s poll, while slamming Mr Corbyn and his “hard-left party”.

The newsreader smiled triumphantly as she announced: “What a momentous day this is.

“Brits went to the polls and told the hard-left, institutionally anti-Semitic, Brexit-blocking, identity politics-obsessed, climate change hysterics of the Labour Party – led by terrorist-sympathising socialist simpleton Jeremy Corbyn – to get stuffed.”

Rita Panahi reeled off a harsh condemnation of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (AFP via Getty Images)

She continued: “The Tories’ triumph in what is the most important UK election in modern history is resounding.

“Labour’s hard-left policies have been whole-heartedly rejected by the electorate.”

The TV host went on to criticise “the establishment, the elite or, if you prefer, the swamp” for “blocking Brexit” over the past three years.

She said: “Let this be a lesson to those who think they’re entitled to block the will of the people and the largest democratic vote in British history. Now Brexit can finally get done.”

Viewers of the eyebrow-raising clip joined Ms Panahi in praising the election outcome.

A number also took the opportunity to hail “Auzzy news” for its “forthright” coverage.

“The Brits said no to socialism and antisemitism. Well done!” commented one YouTube user.

“Congrats to Brits! Historic win and about time! Brexit fast as possible,” added another.

“Beautiful and eloquent description of events,” wrote another.

Another added simply: “Gotta love auzzy news. Cheers guys."

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