Slivered Almonds Complete Your Favorite Rice Dish With A Gentle Crunch

Turmeric rice with slivered almonds
Turmeric rice with slivered almonds - Nathaniel Lee/Tasting Table

On its own, rice has an earthy, nutty flavor that's enjoyed across the world in a multitude of ways. Spruced up with ingredients like sesame seeds and green onions, rice goes exceptionally well with something crisp. To lean into that nutty taste while giving it a crunchy addition, sprinkle slivered almonds into your rice.

Even more earthy with a sweet edge, slivered almonds are the perfect complement to rice. Roughly the same size as the beloved grain, they mesh well on a plate, making slivered almonds seem like rice's other half rather than an afterthought or simple topping. Each bite of fluffy rice is paired with a satisfying crispiness that makes the staple much more interesting to eat.

In his crispy buttered turmeric rice dish, Tasting Table recipe developer Nathaniel Lee tops off his spicy recipe with a handful of slivered almonds. The seeds enhance turmeric's warm, peppery flavor, adding a hint of sweetness to the textured dish. If turmeric isn't your thing, read ahead to discover rice dishes to add slivered almonds.

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Try These Rice Recipes With Slivered Almonds

Wild rice with chicken, herbs, and almonds
Wild rice with chicken, herbs, and almonds - from my point of view/Shutterstock

Lemon's bright, zesty taste is the ultimate companion to toasted slivered almonds. Toss them into lemon rice pilaf to upgrade the citrusy dish. Paired with delicious garlic, herbaceous dill, Italian parsley, and spicy cumin, slivered almonds stand out in this star dish. Cover the almonds in olive oil and herbs and roast them for a deeper flavor profile.

For rice with an equally nutty taste, cook wild rice with slivered almonds. Wild rice has a delightfully chewy texture with a taste more pronounced than normal white or brown rice, making it ideal for almonds. Alongside crunchy slivered almonds, top wild rice with fruit for a hearty burst of sweetness. Sour cranberries, tart apricots, and dried cherries elevate this tasty rice recipe.

For a more tropical take, add slivered almonds to a plate of pineapple fried rice. If you're short on sesame seeds, roast the almonds to give them a similar flavor. The sweet, smoky almonds will pair well with juicy pineapples, savory rice, and fresh vegetables.

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