After Smash Mouth Lead Singer Steve Harwell Died, Bert Kreischer Talked About How They Once Crashed A Wedding Together

 Bert Kreischer and Steve Harwell
Bert Kreischer and Steve Harwell

The public lost a true force in the music industry earlier this week, as Smash Mouth frontman Steve Harwell died. A vocalist who truly rose to prominence in the late ‘90s. Harwell passed away at the age of 56 due to liver failure. When news of his death went viral, a plethora of fans took to social media to share their remembrances of the musician. Plenty of celebrities did that as well, and Bert Kreischer was one of the many to do so. The comedian shared a sweet and funny memory of Harwell, and it involved the two of them crashing a wedding.

Those who know of Bert Kreischer’s persona are surely aware of the fact that he’s gotten into his fair share of shenanigans over the years. So the story he told about the “Walkin' on the Sun” performer definitely tracks. The Trip Flip star recalled the experience in a post shared to Instagram. The comic explained that the situation happened a little over a decade ago and that he and the music man crashed a wedding and enjoyed some other activities that night. There’s also a full-circle element to this tale that relates to the social media platform on which Kreischer posted:

11 years ago I met Steve Harwell, there was a fire alarm and we were staying at the same hotel, we talked outside while we waited, ended up at the bar, crashed a wedding, and that night I joined Instagram. This photo was my first post on Instagram- goddamn we had a fun night that night!!!

The X Show alum has stories for days, and this is just another excellent one in his back pocket. That’s certainly quite a way to meet a person, and it would appear Bert Kreischer hasn’t forgotten that night. I’d love to get some more details, including how the couple and guests reacted. It’s cool that he shares such a memory with the late star. I also find it poetic that Kreischer is paying tribute on Instagram, which he joined the night he met the frontman. You can see the throwback photo the comedian shared in the post down below:

This past weekend, reports surfaced that Steve Harwell was entering hospice care and only had days to live. He sadly died this past Monday, and tributes have been pouring in since. At the peak of the band’s fame, Smash Mouth was huge and proved to be somewhat formative for young people growing up in the early late ‘90s/early ‘00s. Much has been said about their 1999 hit “All Star,” which fans have recreated (using Windows XP noises and more). The track most famously appeared in 2001’s Shrek and, as a result, its place within pop culture was solidified. While the music and lyrics are enough to hook you, it’s arguably Harwell’s distinct delivery that pulls it all together.

The singer seemed to have a very bombastic personality, so it makes sense that he and Bert Kreischer would hit it off. However, I’m not sure the recording artist engaged in quite as many zany adventures as the Bert the Conqueror star. I mean, not many guys can say they’ve concocted a McDonald’s-related scheme or participated in a maternity shoot with Stavros Halkias. We also can’t forget his true Russian class trip story, which served as the basis for his critically polarizing action flick, The Machine.

All of that aside though, it’s just truly sweet that the media personality was able to cross paths with Steve Harwell at some point. Burt Kreischer’s wedding-crashing story is one for the books, and it’s likely that with Harwell gone, he’ll hold it close in the years to come.

We here at CinemaBlend continue to extend our condolences to the family and loved ones of Steve Harwell during this time.