Lin-Manuel Miranda, Woody Harrelson In ‘SNL’ Cold Open Mocking Democratic Town Hall

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Woody Harrelson In ‘SNL’ Cold Open Mocking Democratic Town Hall

Broadway sensation Lin-Manuel Miranda played an eager Julián Castro and actor Woody Harrelson reprised his role as an out-of-touch Joe Biden in the star-studded cold open on “Saturday Night Live,” which poked fun at several of the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls.

The sketch — a satirical take on the Democratic LGBTQ town hall hosted by CNN earlier this week — was kicked off by moderator Anderson Cooper, played by Alex Moffatt, who quipped that the forum would cover “issues affecting our community: LGBTQ and straight girls who make Pride all about them.”

Emmy-winning actor Billy Porter made a cameo as the event’s emcee, introducing each of the Democratic candidates to the stage. First up was Cory Booker, played by Chris Redd, who said his “girlfriend was in ‘Rent,’ so yeah, I get it” — a reference to the New Jersey senator’s real-life girlfriend, Rosario Dawson.

Pete Buttigieg, played by Colin Jost, took to the stage next — his arms sticking out awkwardly by his side; followed by an exuberant Elizabeth Warren, played by Kate McKinnon (“Warren-ing! Warren-ing!” Porter exclaimed as he invited her to the stage).

Miranda as Castro then appeared, first apologizing to the crowd for not being gay and then reminding them that, “I am Latino, which we can all agree is something.”

“Look, I’m young, I’m diverse, I’m Latino-bama,” he declared before attempting to launch into a “Hamilton” song.

Harrelson’s Biden was the last candidate to appear.

“You know me, I went to bat for marriage equality, and I believe we’re all equal whether you’re gay, lesbi, transgenital or queer ― you’re OK with Joe,” he said.

When asked about his earlier support for the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for LGBTQ personnel, Harrelson’s Biden responded, “I’m glad you asked that question and let me answer by telling you a false memory.” He then began a meandering story which, as he put it, happened in “the year 19 ... umm ... 26.”

The sketch closed with Harrelson’s Biden kissing Moffat’s Cooper on the lips.

“You just helped me win a bet, Joe,” Moffat’s Cooper quipped.

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