SNL Video: Ramy Youssef Takes Swings at Biden, Calls for a Trans Woman President in Monologue — Watch

It’s an election year in America… and Ramy Youssef has some thoughts.

The comedian and Poor Things co-star hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time on Saturday, and he took time in his monologue to address the upcoming presidential election, which he says has everyone “freaked out.” He remembers President Biden’s campaign reaching out to him in 2020 to do outreach for them in the Arab American community, with a campaign rep telling him: “Everyone on the campaign is such a fan of your work,” and also, “Joe is aware.”

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Youssef hails that as a big accomplishment: “That’s huge, because Joe has an awareness issue… That’s like a Nobel Peace Prize. Like, ‘We said your name. Joe was nodding.'” He does give Biden credit for his good days, too: “You know those days where he just comes out and he’s just, like, thawed? Like they gave him an extra 10 in the microwave? He is lit up… And he says stuff that’s inspiring. It doesn’t mean anything, but it’s, like, America, you know? It’s good.”

Youssef turned down the Biden campaign’s offer, he says, and he doesn’t support either Biden or his Republican opponent Donald Trump this year: “I don’t like either option, to be honest with you. I really think our next president should be a woman. That would be amazing.” In fact, he goes even further: “I think our next president should be a trans woman.” He says she could win over the electorate with a simple speech: “She’d be like, ‘A lot of politicians talk about change…’ Like, you can see the bumper sticker, right? Real change. She puts up a before and after, and she’s like, ‘I can do that to the country.'”

The comedian also adds an earnest plea to “free the people of Palestine” and “free all the hostages” in a closing prayer — that was part of a joke about how his less religious friends keep asking him to pray for them.

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