Snoop Dogg Gets Etiquette Lessons on 'Jennifer Hudson Show': 'This Is Polite'

Hudson and the Doggfather consulted with expert Myka Meier ahead of Snoop's stint at the Paris Olympics this summer

<p>Chris Millard/Warner Bros.</p> Snoop Dogg gets etiquette lessons on the Jennifer Hudson Show

Chris Millard/Warner Bros.

Snoop Dogg gets etiquette lessons on the Jennifer Hudson Show

Snoop Dogg knows all about weed, but now he's got a few new lessons in "oui."

The legendary rapper, 52, joined Jennifer Hudson for etiquette lessons during a Friday episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show, where he learned all about French dining do's and don'ts from expert Myka Meier.

Snoop, who will appear as a correspondent for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, began the etiquette training when the co-founder of the Plaza Hotel’s Finishing Program asked him how he's planning to greet people in France.

"Uh, ahhhh. Bonjour," Snoop told Hudson, 42, as he shook her hand and gave her a kiss on it. "Bonjour!"

After a few "oui oui's," Meier informed Snoop and Hudson that the French are "famous for a few things," and asked him how he'd kiss during a greeting. Snoop knocked that one out of the park as well, giving Hudson two hypothetical kisses, one on each cheek.

"You did it," Meier said. "It's always right cheek first, two kisses in France."

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After the kissing tutorial, Snoop and Hudson then sat down at a table, where Meier quizzed them on how to "eat correctly" while in France. Snoop immediately sat up straight, grabbed a fork and knife and showed how he'd cut a piece of meat with his hands hovering above the plate.

"But I'm right-handed though, so this don't work for me," Snoop joked about which hand holds which utensil. "I need to be cutting with my right and chewing with my lid-nef."

Snoop then put on his best tea-party impression. "This is polite," he said.

Meier offered another "challenge" for the show's host and guest soon after, when she informed them that Americans usually eat with their hands underneath the table.

"Not us," Snoop joked as he sat sideways. "We keep our hands right here in case something go down. I don't know where you put your hands."

For when he's in France, however, Snoop said he's comfortable keeping his hands above the table while dining. "I don't even have to be on the table. I don't want to mess up the etiquette. It don't even feel right to be like this," he said while jokingly slapping his hands on the table.

<p>Chris Millard/Warner Bros.</p> Snoop Dogg gets etiquette lessons on the Jennifer Hudson Show

Chris Millard/Warner Bros.

Snoop Dogg gets etiquette lessons on the Jennifer Hudson Show

Later during the segment, Snoop showed off how he'd butter a piece of bread and even pulled out a bottle of his signature 19 Crimes wine when he was told that France has some of the "best wine in the world."

"Uh uh uh uh," he responded. "No it ain't. I'm sorry but this is the best wine in the world."

Snoop also poured the trio glasses of his drink, and opened up about his own etiquette pet peeves while at the table. "The thing I don't like? When people be smacking," Snoop said, before giving a worthy display of smacking his mouth. "I don't like that. Get it together."

The segment wrapped with Snoop taking a bite out of a piece of bread to prove just how easy it is to not smack your food while eating. "That's good," Meier said.

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Snoop and his new etiquette lessons will be heading to Paris for the Olympic Primetime Show on NBC, starting in July. Providing coverage at several Olympic events throughout the summer, Snoop will regularly check in with NBC Olympics host Mike Tirico.

“I grew up watching the Olympics and am thrilled to see the incredible athletes bring their A-game to Paris. It’s a celebration of skill, dedication, and the pursuit of greatness,” Snoop said in a statement this month.

“We’re going to have some amazing competitions and, of course, I will be bringing that Snoop style to the mix. It’s going to be the most epic Olympics ever, so stay tuned, and keep it locked," he added. "Let’s elevate, celebrate, and make these games unforgettable, smoke the competition and may the best shine like gold. Peace and Olympic LOVE, ya dig?”

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