Snow forecast for London this week as Brits brace for cold snap

Bronwen Weatherby
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Snow could fall over areas of London and some of the home counties later this week as the UK experiences a series of wintry weather fronts.

Forecasters believe there is a chance the dip in temperatures midweek will see some snow or sleet falling over the north of the capital on Thursday.

Met Office forecaster Matthew Box said: "There is a risk of snow over north London and further north, over the Chiltern Hills.

"It is a low risk but it is because we have a series of weather fronts moving eastwards over southern England early on Thursday," he added.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said the snow could result from 'a mild bump in the air across the Atlantic' which will cause an area of low pressure to develop.

"At the moment we think it is most likely to run across southern counties of the UK, and bump into the cold air further north," Mr McGivern told Sky News.

"And that means that as we start off Thursday, we think it's most likely that southern counties of England and South Wales will see a spell of rain.

"But north of the M4, there is the possibility of some temporary snowfall - not a great deal - it doesn't at the moment look to be widespread, significant disruption.

"But there is the possibility of some snow in north London."

Elevated areas in Wales, the Midlands and the Cotswolds could see some snow as well, with other areas in the south expected to get sleet and rain, which should clear by midday.

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