Soak Pears In Brandy For A Fruity Fall Twist On Your Cocktail Or Dessert

bottle of brandy with glass and pears
bottle of brandy with glass and pears - forden/Shutterstock

Pumpkin-spiced everything may get all the love this time of year, closely followed by apple-cinnamon -- just look at your favorite coffee shop (you know the one). But with cooler temps, another seasonal flavor is coming into peak season and deserves a regular spot in your upcoming fall-themed cocktails and desserts. We're talking about the humble pear, which starts cropping up on farmers' market stands and grocery store shelves as the cooler temps set in.

The sweet, juicy fruit turns into something extra delicious when soaked in a boozy bath of brandy, a fruit-based liquor that beautifully complements other fruit add-ins. The final result is an alcohol-infused fruit to chop up and use in cocktails or scoop overtop spiked desserts. As the mixture sits, the brandy soaks into the fruit to create a drunken pear, while the fruit flavors the alcohol -- much like if you were making infused liquor. The result is the perfect melding of fall flavors to use in a host of cozy, warming recipes.

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Making Drunken Pears Requires Just Two Ingredients

fall pear cocktail
fall pear cocktail - Annapustynnikova/Getty Images

To soak pears in brandy at home, you'll need zero fancy equipment or mixology skills -- this is as simple as it sounds. Just gather up a couple of your favorite types of pears -- whatever's ripe and speaking to you. Wash, dice, and soak, then simply submerge the chunks in brandy and let them infuse with each other's flavor in a mason jar or other covered container until pears are tipsy (or full-on drunk -- you decide).

The pear's flavor is mild and sweet and lends itself to many fall-inspired recipes. Try mixing cubed pears and the leftover brandy in with a variety of cocktails -- the flavors pair well with cinnamon or sweeter drinks, or you could try an autumnal, pear version of an appletini. Add the boozed-up fruit into other cocktails like winter-spiced sangrias, or a spiked hot cider. It's no secret a boozy dessert is a crowdpleaser, so ladle your creation over scoops of vanilla ice cream or whipped cream (using the fruit pieces and as much of the alcoholic "sauce" as you desire). Spoon overtop a square of crumbly coffee cake,  baked French toast, or your favorite waffles for a next-level brunch treat. Pumpkin spice latte and apple spiced everything -- make some room, there's a new favorite fall flavor in town.

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