Social media star Lil Tay returns with a new single and explanation for social media absence

Lil Tay Sucker 4 Green
Lil Tay Sucker 4 Green

Rumours of Lil Tay’s death have been exaggerated, and she is blaming her father for the hoax that enthralled the internet earlier this year - while also promoting her brand-new single on Instagram. The 14-year-old media sensation, known for her previous claim that her father was involved in a recent death hoax, also went live on Instagram to explain her absence from social media.

During the Instagram LIVE session held on Saturday, Lil Tay addressed her five-year absence from social media and delved into the recent death hoax incident, where she made the accusation that her father, Christopher J. Hope, was responsible. While talking to her fans, Lil Tay stated, 'Chris Hope was the one who did the death hoax. He was trying to sabotage me.'

She went on to claim that her father, along with another individual, had plotted to 'fake' her death as part of a cryptocurrency scheme. Earlier in the week, she posted a photo of her dad on her stories along with the message: 'My abusive racist misogynistic woman-beating father faked my death.'

She also shared details of past 'abusive' and 'inappropriate behaviour' attributed to her father, while coming to the defence of her mother, Angela.

But for those that are just curious as to what he next venture since that death hoax, look no further than her music video for ‘Sucker 4 Green,’ which has already amassed 1 million views and shows the star hanging out at a luxurious house in sunny Los Angeles while showing off lavish vehicles.

In the track, Lil Tay sings passionately about the allure of luxury, with lyrics like 'Money, money, money/I just can't look away from it, I want it, want it, want it' and 'Nothin' wrong with bein' rich and blessed/And I just want a few yachts and mansions right now.'

Tay also flaunted her impressive dance skills alongside backup dancers, all dressed in sleek black suits adorned with green ties. Throughout the video, she showcases her fashion versatility, donning eye-catching ensembles, including a vibrant orange pleated miniskirt paired with a matching cropped jacket.

In an early scene of the video, viewers catch glimpses of Tay's brother, Jason, 21, and her mother, Angela Tian, as they make brief cameos while seated inside one of the luxurious vehicles.