The Soda Brand You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Soda, pop, cola — whatever the name — there's a soda brand out there everyone. Whether it's adults making up for a soda-forbidden childhood, or full-out, self-proclaimed, loud and proud Coke Zero addicts, there's no escaping the hold carbonated beverage brands have on the world. No restaurant, convenience store, gas station, or movie theater is complete without them. But the brand a person drinks, and what they drink it with, only goes to demonstrate how habitual they are in their daily lives. For some, cracking open a cold can of Coke with their pizza is as much a daily ritual as reading their horoscope.

The pseudo-science known as astrology is based on the belief that the positions of the moon, stars, and planets can have an effect on moods, decisions, relationships, and more. While a mouthful of soda can't reveal a ton of insight into the nuances of a personal life, a person's chosen brand speaks volumes.

With that in mind, below is a breakdown of sodas that seem ideal for each sign in the zodiac. Consider your personality traits and ask yourself: Which sugary beverage most closely reflects you on a given day?

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The first sign of the astrological calendar, it's fitting for Aries, as these signs love being number 1. Represented by the ram, these fire signs are typically motivated, confident, and uncomplicated in their approach to life. Driven by a desire to prove themselves, they have a fearless habit of going head-first into things. These signs do things their own way, even if it does result in some hard-learned lessons. While the Aries can be impulsive, impatient, and hotheaded, they're also passionate, courageous, and self-aware. They have no problem letting someone take the lead, as long as that person can do it better, or at least do it with the same level of confidence — though that's not likely.

There's only one soda brand that Aries could be — the one Tasting Table ranked #1 in their ranking of popular colas from worst to best. Coca-Cola contains all the caffeine, sugar, and pure cola flavor, and so there's really no beating classic Coke. Even with all the flavor varieties — from cherry to vanilla and cherry vanilla — the classic still reigns supreme.

This seems very straightforward, just like an Aries; even if that sugar content may cause complications down the line, a cold glass of classic Coca-Cola provides crisp, caffeinated confidence in a can.


Vernors ginger ale bottle
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Being Earth signs, Tauruses are a lot like rocks — stable, grounded, and stubborn. Praised for their level-headedness, they can be counted on to provide a friend with sound advice. These signs prioritize consistency, and they apply the same amount of dedication to their work as they do their personal time. They often have strict routines because, when maintaining their own responsibilities, they're able to show up as trustworthy, loyal friends.

For a Taurus, it's all about comfort — and what's more comforting than a sip of what Tasting Table ranked number 1 in its ranking of ginger ales from worst to best, Vernors ginger ale? When the tummy is rumbling or that unsolicited nausea starts to kick in, Vernors is there to soothe. Just like a Taurus, it can be counted on when someone is in need.


can of grape fanta
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Even those uninterested in astrology likely know something about Geminis. These signs don't have the best reputation, which comes down to something related to them being two-faced. It's an unfair accusation; while they are represented by twins, it has nothing to do with them being deceitful.

Geminis are typically social people, with busy social lives exacerbated by diverse hobbies, passions, and careers. Geminis are curious, and in order to fulfill all of their interests, they're often left wishing they could clone themselves. Can you really blame them?

At the end of the day, Geminis are a good time, and if they were any type of soda, they'd perhaps be a Grape Fanta. A staple in many childhoods, Fanta's origin story is one that incites the fun, playful energy for which Geminis are best known.


liters of Dr Pepper
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Like crabs, Cancers can take a while to warm up to people. These signs tend to protect themselves by hiding behind hard shells. They're typically empathetic people, with gentle, compassionate personalities. Cancers have a fear of their kindness being taken for weakness, and they tend to be conflict-avoiding people. Even though they naturally take on caregiving roles, they need to feel safe to do so; stable relationships give Cancers a sense of well-being.

Cancer's homes are their sanctuaries, and they enjoy sharing them with others. This attachment to their home and home life extends to the food they eat, and nothing brings them more comfort than a home-cooked meal.

While soda alone certainly won't fulfill that, there is one brand that replicated those types of flavors — 23 of them, to be exact. The soda brand for Cancers is Dr Pepper, a concoction that is essentially the soda equivalent of a prepared meal. With blends of cherry, cola, licorice root beer, raspberry, citrus, and other fruits and spices, Dr. Pepper delivers the kind of flavors that Cancers crave.


flavors of Jones Soda on shelf
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Warm, creative, passionate, theatrical — those are a few words often used to describe Leos. Their big personalities tend to make them natural leaders, as they have all the self-confidence, courage, and independent-mindedness that inspires others. However, like the lions that they're represented by, Leos are also prideful. At their best, these signs are happy to celebrate the achievements of others. But, at their worst, they can feel threatened or even jealous when the spotlight isn't on them.

Leos are luxurious, rarely able to turn down an invite to an exclusive party or fancy dinner. In their minds, they're the celebrity (they are ruled by the Sun, the biggest start in the solar system, after all). Born between July and August, Leo season occurs right at the peak of summer.

While a cold glass of any sweet, carbonated beverage would taste good in the summer, the flavors of a Leo's drink should be particularly evocative of the season. It should also be a craft soda, seeing as these signs love a bit of luxury. If the Leo were any brand of soda, they'd be Jones — a contender in Tasting Table's ranking of craft sodas from worst to best. But, if they were any of the unique Jones flavors specifically, they'd perhaps be creative, outside-the-box sour mango.


Poppi sodas in cooler
Poppi sodas in cooler - Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Virgos are typically perfectionists, almost obsessively so. These signs are the go-to people to ask for help, because they love diving into projects. Virgos love doing little tasks that contribute to something much bigger than themselves, and if it means they'll get to cross a few more things off their to-do list at the end of the day, they're all for it. While their perfectionist tendencies can be their own fault, resulting in some self-critical behavior, it does result in some good habits — particularly around their health.

Soda certainly isn't considered a healthy food, but there are a few new-age soda brands that are trying to turn that around. Poppi, which crafts nostalgic soda-flavored beverages out of pre-biotic packed apple cider vinegar and fresh fruit flavors, is one of them — and if a Virgo were any soda brand, they'd be it. With everything from orange to watermelon, Olipop offers a healthier alternative to the soda flavors we all grew up drinking. Each can of Poppi contains just 5 grams of sugar, along with a blend of gut-biome-supporting, plant-based ingredients. But according to Tasting Table's ranking of ever Poppi flavor, the strawberry lemon is the best.


line up of Maine Root sodas
line up of Maine Root sodas - Maine Root

Represented by a scale, Libras are known for achieving and maintaining harmony in every area of their lives. However, what they may not be as well known for is an eye for symmetry, not just in their internal world, but the external too. Libras often make talented stylists, decorators, designers, and critics because they have an innate ability to identify imbalance — which, of course, extends to what they eat and drink. These signs have a taste for quality, and quickly identify what flavors are off if there are any.

For that reason, it's clear that if the Libra were any type of soda, they'd more than likely be a craft brand — one that strikes a balance between quality and flavor. That being said, the first soda brand that comes to mind for the Libra is Maine Root, the brand ranked #2 in Tasting Table's ranking of 16 craft sodas. However, it's most known for its root beer, which Tasting Table also ranked as one of the best. Handcrafted with all-organic, Certified Fair Trade ingredients, it's no surprise that this brand has exploded in popularity since its beginnings in Maine. Whether it's the root beer or the spicy ginger brew, these sodas have a quality that can be tasted.


Stubborn Soda soda fountain
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Scorpios have a reputation for being mysterious; it's part of their allure. They're sometimes perceived as secretive, perhaps with an air of darkness that is intimidating yet seductive. Represented by the scorpion, they can be vengeful and intense. They offer devotion, excitement, and passion — and sometimes, in fear of scaring people away, they hide.

In the case of soda brands, Scorpio would have to be one that's somewhat elusive, with a bit of exclusivity to it. There's a craft soda brand that PepsiCo intentionally keeps under the radar called Stubborn Soda, which isn't only fitting in the sense of its name (Scorpios are fixed signs, making them quite stubborn people) but also its exclusivity. The only way to get a taste is by locating a restaurant that serves it.


Japanese melon cream soda
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Represented by the archer, a Sagittarius is perceived as a natural-born adventurer. The sign is all about things that expand their understanding of the world. Whether that be through travel, books, or meditation, the Sagittarius is constantly seeking personal growth. Their fun, playful, and adventurous personalities, combined with their positive outlook on life's ups and downs, make these signs the ultimate travel companions, always down to explore. Plus, should anything not go as scheduled, a Sagittarius is typically flexible and adaptable enough to do something different.

All things considered, this sign's soda brand is an experience in its own right — one for which it's worth flying across the globe. Ramune, a Japanese soda brand that is associated with melon soda, can be purchased from one of the many convenience stores, vending machines, or vintage cream soda shops in Tokyo. With ice cream, they're a ticket back to the Tokyo of the '70s, a serving of Japanese nostalgia that should entice these signs as an opportunity to dive into a side of Japanese culture that's not commonly explored.


bottles of Mountain Dew
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Capricorns are sometimes referred to as the "workaholics" of the zodiac — and there's a fair amount of truth to that. With famous names like Michelle Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. under this sign, that's not such a bad thing. Capricorns are notorious for overcoming adversity and for keeping their heads held high. They're represented by sea goats, after all, and are willing to climb mountains to achieve their goals.

Of course, working yourself hard can come at a cost. Capricorns are in a constant war with themselves, and can be incredibly self-critical. Even after they've achieved what they've set out to, rather than accepting praise and sitting in it for a while, they almost immediately shift their attention to what they can do next.

That type of work ethic doesn't last long, at least not without a healthy dose of caffeine. With that in mind, a Capricorn would have to be a soda brand with significant caffeine content. With 54 mg of it per can, that'd be Mountain Dew.


can of lemon San Pellegrino
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Intellectual, conceptual, creative, independent, and forward-thinking — those are just a few words to describe the Aquarius. As the rarest signs of the zodiac, these signs value individuality above all else. They don't subscribe to any type of "herd mentality"; in fact, it's why they often avoid falling into any one social group. These signs are contrarians, and they have a tendency to side with the most unpopular opinion possible. Despite their intelligence and charm, they're intentional outcasts: They have unique opinions, ideas, and interests. All of that considered, if the Aquarius were any soda brand, it'd have to be one that was different from what people are accustomed to, but still sophisticated enough to pass as cool.

All things considered, if the Aquarius were any fizzy drink, they'd be an Italian soda. While they may taste similar to some of the American soda brands available stateside, there's something different about visiting a favorite Italian restaurant and sipping on a San Pellegrino with food. Whether it be the classic orange flavor or the lemon, it's nice to switch it up — and the quality ingredients, delicate taste, and light carbonation only play into this soda's European touch. It might not be what you're used to, but there's no denying taste. Just like the Aquarius, different can be good.


flavors of Wildwonder
flavors of Wildwonder - Wildwonder

Pisces are said to be dreamers, intuitive and sensitive — so much so that they can become swallowed in themselves. These signs struggle to differentiate between their emotional worlds and reality, and they can become especially engrossed in their own imaginations. It's why they're represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, and it's also why many are so creative.

While their wild imaginations can be a distraction and their sensitivity perhaps a bit overwhelming, they're also this sign's superpowers. That's why some are impactful artists — Rihanna, Nina Simone, Erykah Badu, Jon Bon Jovi, and Olivia Wilde, to name a few. For this reason, if the Pisces were any soda brand, they'd be Wildwonder. At first glance, this soda brand might look like another sparkling probiotic alternative of the likes of OLIPOP or Poppi, but it was actually inspired by the founder's Chinese heritage.

Full of gut-healing probiotics and plant botanicals, and with unique fruit-forward flavors and artistically designed labels to match, Wildwonder's sodas evoke all of the same wonder and dreaminess that Pisces love.

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