Soleil Moon Frye's daughter Jagger: 'I would love to become the next Punky Brewster'

Jen Kucsak
Senior Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

If you were a kid growing up in the ’80s, you probably were a fan of Punky Brewster. And with the success of Fuller House and a Roseanne reboot on the horizon, you may have been wondering if they’ll ever bring Punky back.

So when Soleil Moon Frye and her 9-year-old daughter, Jagger, stopped by Yahoo, of course we had to ask, if Punky ever came back, who would play the part?

Punky Brewster dancing in the first episode of Season 1.

“I would love to become the next Punky; that has always been my dream,” Jagger said.

Jagger is actually a huge fan of Punky. She’s seen every episode. She likes wearing different color shoes. She wears knee-high socks and crazy clothes. She’s even dressed up as Punky for Halloween. (I mean, come on, haven’t we all?) To top it off, she even sounds just like Punky! In the video above, she recites her favorite Punky lines, and we’re just going to say she definitely has “Punky power!”

Soleil Moon Frye’s 9-year-old daughter, Jagger (right), bears an uncanny resemblance to her mom as Punky Brewster (left).

But if they were ever to do a Punky reboot , the mom of four says they’d have to do it with heart, because that’s what she thinks is “really important.”

The Nutrisystem ambassador also shared how she kick-started her healthy lifestyle. “Melissa Joan Hart and I grew up together and I called Melissa and I go, Melissa I need to do whatever you’re doing. She was like, Nutrisystem! So I ordered it. I literally indulged in it and it was fantastic.”

Watch the video below to see where Soleil thinks Punky Brewster would be today: