Solid reviews for new Star Trek series Discovery

Good news for Star Trek fans – it looks like the new series ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ is getting a pretty positive reception.

Airing its first two episodes last night on CBS in the States, critics appear to be pretty encouraged by what they’ve seen so far from show-runners Bryan Fuller (‘Hannibal’, ‘American Gods’) and Alex Kurtzman (‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, ‘The Mummy’).

The prequel set-up places the action 10 years prior to the events of Gene Roddenberry’s original ‘Star Trek’ TV series, which ran from 1966 to 1969.

It sets up the beginnings of the cold war between the Klingon race and the United Federation of Planets, and stars ‘The Walking Dead’s Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham, a human raised as a Vulcan, and first officer of the USS Shenzou.

Elsewhere, Michelle Yeoh is the Shenzou’s captain Philippa Georgiou, ‘Hellboy’s Doug Jones plays science officer Saru, British star of ‘Spooks’ Shazad Latif is Starfleet lieutenant Ash Tyler, and ‘Harry Potter’s Jason Isaacs is Gabriel Lorca, captain of the Discovery.

Vox writes: “Star Trek is best when it’s hopeful, but hope shines brightest amid horror. On some level, Discovery knows both of those things, and that’s why it’s a show I’m eager to keep watching.”

Newsday praises the chemistry between the show’s two new stars, writing: “The actor playing this mysterious Gabriel Lorca – Jason Isaacs – also happens to be a major talent who instantly lifts Martin-Green’s game. These two appear to be a winning, multidimensional combo.”

Forbes is looking further ahead, even, adding: “Star Trek: Discovery has every chance from here to become something great, possibly even awards worthy.”

Den of Geek so far remains unconvinced, however, writing: “It seems like we’re getting just another grimdark war show, this one slapped with the Star Trek brand, but having little to do with that brand’s core ideas.”

And The Hollywood Reporter is also a tad sceptical: “Discovery has to stand as Discovery and this is a disorienting start… So that really puts everything on Sonequa Martin-Green, at least for me, and even as great as she is, I’m not sure if she’s enough.”

The show is airing in the UK on Netflix, the first episode available to watch now, with new episodes arriving weekly.

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