Someone Edited Netflix's One Piece With The Rap Intro And My Childhood Is Screaming With Joy

 Nami and Luffy in One Piece
Nami and Luffy in One Piece

Netflix's live-action adaptation of One Piece has earned a lot of love since its release, partly because of its phenomenal cast of Straw Hat pirates, partly due to the story, and probably also because of the nostalgia it offers millennials. The generation of adults who grew up watching the original anime might've been disappointed that one element didn't make the adaptation: the 4Kids Entertainment dub's rap intro. Fortunately, someone has combined past nostalgia with present-day footage, and seeing the two mixed together just might make your inner child weep with joy.

Most anime fans would agree that the 4Kids dub of the One Piece anime, which is not the one viewers will see streaming with a Netflix subscription, is the inferior version of the show. The one exception would be the absolutely killer theme song, and we now once again have the pleasure of enjoying the pirate rap introducing the Straw Hat crew. but with footage from the live-action series cut in thanks to X user Geo. Check it out:

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Had this been the Netflix-official intro for the newest iteration, we wouldn't have needed my breakdown for newbies to the One Piece universe! Not only does this song still go just as hard in 2023, but it's also remains quite informative outside of the bizarre decision to rename Zoro "Zolo." Despite any weirdness, I can't help but bob my head while watching the live-action characters kick ass to this song.

In addition to renaming Zoro, the 4Kids dub of One Piece's anime was infamous for other changes that drastically changed the anime in the name of making it more "kid-friendly" for those in the United States. This included Sanji's patented cigarette hanging from his mouth being transformed into a lollipop with the candy part sticking out, as well as the attempts to replace all instances of guns with other objects. As one might expect, removing guns made the show appear very goofy in unintentional ways, which often also erased tension during some very serious moments.

Fortunately, the live-action version of One Piece didn't shy away from violence, and there was plenty of bloodshed in Season 1. Assuming that Season 2 is made, there's a lot more of that on the way, considering the Grand Line is full of some of the most dangerous pirates and marines in the world. CinemaBlend recently reported Season 2 could get rolling soon, provided a resolution to the SAG-AFTRA strike, and while I have some complicated feelings about scripts already being written before the premiere, I'll confess I'm even more eager for more episodes after seeing this video.

Check out the anime version of One Piece over on Netflix or this handy list of other shows similar to the pirate adventure those who loved the live-action adaptation may enjoy. I know I'll be rewatching Season 1 at least once while waiting for new episodes, or maybe trying to binge through the anime as ambitious as it may be to conquer the 1000+ episode count.