Can someone please explain to me what is happening in this chaotic house listing?

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Google Maps Louisville Ky. house
Google Maps Louisville Ky. house

Here at In The Know, we love a good bizarre house listing. This one in Pennsylvania, which features a spaceship-themed dining room, had us longing for a life on Mars. This McMansion with a mini village in the basement called us poor. And who could forget this strange apartment in New Orleans, which has a toilet situated smack dab in the middle of the stairwell landing?

Well, the internet unearthed yet another unconventional house listing — and it might just be the craziest one yet.

On Oct. 26, a video game designer named Pat Ashe tweeted a link to the listing, noting that the 3D walkthrough of the house is his “[favorite] game of the year so far.”

On the outside, the $375,000 house looks like your standard brick house. It’s 3 bedrooms, 4 baths and 3,161 square feet — not too shabby!

However, once you step inside (virtually), the house is a completely disaster. The only real warning you get of what’s to come is when the listing description claims that “the pictures do not tell the full story.”

Where does one even begin with this Louisville, Ky., fixer-upper? For starters, most of the bathrooms in the house are next-level weird. Several of them have multiple toilets. One is just a giant bath tub. (One person noted on Twitter that this might actually be a baptistry, which is even weirder.)

Credit: Redfin
Credit: Redfin

Next we have the countless rooms of storage. These aren’t normal storage rooms, though: They’re filled to the brim with boxes of DVDs, children’s toys and God knows what else.

Credit: Redfin
Credit: Redfin

There isn’t a single room in this house that doesn’t need work. Every photo included in the listing shows rooms that are dirty, decaying and derelict.

Naturally, Twitters users are fascinated by the unusual home.

“This is dangerous levels of endless fun,” one person said.

“I got to the bedroom and had to stop when I saw that the foundation and mattress were two twins put together,” another added. “Surely … people don’t live like this?”

Some savvier users decided to do some digging to learn more about the house’s history — and boy did they deliver.

Evidently, the house used to be a church/Christian school, but later became a residential home. (That explains the bath!) And in 2014, the owner of the house at the time was charged with engaging in organized crime and receiving stolen property. (That explains the warehouse’s worth of random items!)

Though it’s unclear whether the house is owned by the same person, someone did point out that the eBay store associated with the house is still very active. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, but godspeed to whoever decides to buy this place.

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