Sophie Turner's Old Game Of Thrones Tattoo Was Actually A Major Spoiler

Lee Moran

Warning: spoilers for Game Of Thrones below.

It appears Sophie Turner actually revealed how Game Of Thrones would conclude last year ― and she hid what would happen in plain sight.

In June 2018, tattoo artist Lauren Winzer shared an image of a direwolf, representing House Stark, that she’d inked onto the arm of star who played Sansa Stark. 

It was captioned: “The pack survives.”

The inking sent fans into overdrive and prompted plenty of speculation about how the show would end.

Sophie denied the fan theories at the time in an interview with James Corden on The Late Late Show, claiming it was “just a quote from last season” and “a moral I like to live by.”

The tattoo appears on Sophie's left arm

But after the Stark siblings Sansa, Arya, Bran and Jon Snow all survived the final-ever episode, tweeters went into meltdown once again, as it appeared that Sophie had indeed revealed what would go down.