Sorry Pokémon Go Fans, The Live Action Pokémon Movie Is Headed In a TOTALLY Different Direction

In case you hadn’t noticed, Pokémon is back in a VERY big way thanks to the launch of Nintendo’s latest mobile game ‘Pokémon Go’. 

The location-based augmented reality smartphone app has proved to be a global phenomenon, making Nintendo’s market value soar so high that the tech company is now worth more than Sony.

It’s no surprise then that Hollywood has responded with Legendary Pictures snapping up the movie rights to a live action Pokémon movie, but if reports on Hollywood Reporter are to be believed, the first film in the new franchise will be based on an obscure property in the Pokémon world, rather than ‘Go’.

The first film to launch this new live action franchise will apparently be based on ‘Great Detective Pikachu’, a Pokémon spin-off that launched on the Nintendo 3DS earlier this year.

The game sees a human character Tim Goodman teaming up with a talking Pikachu to solve mysteries involving other Pokémon, and - interestingly - the game’s live action trailer has already given us a clue at how the game could be adapted for the big screen. Watch it here.