Sounds Like Daredevil: Born Again Is Bringing Bullseye Back, But How Excited Should We Be?

 Wilson Bethel as Benjamin Poindexter/Bullseye in Daredevil Season 3.
Wilson Bethel as Benjamin Poindexter/Bullseye in Daredevil Season 3.

Although Netflix’s Daredevil wrapped after three seasons in 2018, Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock and Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson Fisk have lived on in the main Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity thanks to projects like Spider-Man: No Way Home, Hawkeye, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and Echo. The time is soon approaching, however, for Marvel’s Man Without Fear to finally take center stage again thanks to Daredevil: Born Again. Although Cox and D’Onfrio will be primarily accompanied by new faces in this upcoming Marvel TV show, word’s come in that Bullseye is also set to return, although we may want to temper our excitement about it.

Per, Wilson Bethel has been tapped to reprise the pinpoint accurate assassin, also known as Benjamin Poindexter, as a member of Daredevil: Born Again’s cast. The outlet did note that “it's unclear how extensive his role will be,” but we will see him in some form or fashion. Bethel previously played Bullseye in Daredevil Season 3, and the actor’s other credits include The Young and the Restless, Hart of Dixie, How to Get Away with Murder and All Rise.

Bethel’s version of Benjamin Poindexter was introduced in Daredevil Season 3 as an FBI agent with psychopathic tendencies who was manipulated by Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. Kingpin, into becoming his personal assassin. He committed these murders wearing a Daredevil costume as part of Fisk’s plan to tarnish Matt Murdock’s costumed reputation, but when Matt revealed to Ben how Fisk had isolated him and screwed with his life, he attempted to kill the crime lord and had his back broken while fighting Daredevil. He was last seen opening his eyes in the middle of a surgery to restore his spine.

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Naturally my first inclination upon hearing the news that Wilson Bethel is reportedly appearing in Daredevil: Born Again was to envision Bullseye and Daredevil clashing again. After all, the former is one of the latter’s greatest enemies, and their fights were some of Season 3’s biggest highlights. Also, hopefully this means that Bethel will finally get to wear a faithful Bullseye costume, something that Colin Farrell’s Bullseye in the Daredevil movie didn’t get to do.

However, part of me wonders just how much we’ll see of Bullseye in Daredevil: Born Again? Will he appear across the entire season like before, or will Wilson Bethel only pop up in one episode or two? Also, following Born Again being creatively overhauled a few months back, it’s become increasingly clear that this new show will be harkening closer to Netflix’s Daredevil, but it’s also been rumored that we may be getting a shorter season rather one comprised of 18 episodes. Considering how stacked this show’s cast already is, I worry squeezing in Bullseye, as well as certain other familiar characters from Daredevil, might lead to this show feeling overstuffed.

In any case, Bethel is now the fourth actor from the Daredevil days expected to join Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio in Daredevil: Born Again. Jon Bernthal confirmed he’s reprising Frank Castle, a.k.a. The Punisher, and it’s rumored that Elden Henson and Deborah Woll are on deck to respectively reprise Foggy Nelson and Karen Page. Born Again resumed production earlier this month, and once it’s announced when the show will premiere to Disney+ subscribers, we’ll let you know.