Sour Cream And Soy Sauce Is The 2-Ingredient Dip That Works On Anything

Small bowl of creamy dip
Small bowl of creamy dip - sweet marshmallow / Shutterstock

Sour cream and soy sauce are two common ingredients that many people keep handy in the fridge at all times, and for good reason. These exceptionally well-rounded sauces can amplify a whole slew of popular recipes. While versatile condiments like these can significantly elevate meals on their own, together they create a truly powerhouse dip that can enhance just about any savory dish. With sour cream's acidity and soy sauce's rich umami notes, the two are an unlikely but delicious pairing, and the result is a surprisingly smooth, creamy sauce full of wholesome smokiness and tang.

While many popular dipping sauces — like spicy Polynesian spreads or classic barbecue dips — require many different ingredients to come together, the simplicity of this sour sauce is its true power. All you have to do is combine your favorite soy sauce with some sour cream in a bowl according to your desired taste. It's as simple as that. From there, what you choose to put it on (or dip in it) is up to you, and the options are truly endless.

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How To Dress Up Savory Dishes With This Simple Sauce

Cheeseburger with white sauce
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One of this sauce's biggest draws (besides its simplicity) is its versatility. Whether you use it as a dip, sauce, spread, or something else, there's plenty of room to get creative with this condiment and help your favorite dishes sing.

For starters, this cold, creamy sauce can provide a lovely contrast to heavy meat dishes. Try slathering some onto a warm steak, roast beef sandwich, or juicy cheeseburger. For something more out-of-the-box, you can even use it in a classic beef stroganoff recipe instead of plain sour cream, providing some additional umami flavor. If you'd rather use this condiment as a dipping sauce and dig in as needed, it'll also pair well with chips or crispy potato wedges. Savory chicken dumplings or vegetable stir fry will also shine with this dip by their side, as it'll help balance each dish with its cooling zest and savory edge.

This two-ingredient dip is a great addition to countless foods on its own. Still, if you want to enhance the sauce itself for further complexity, we have some ideas to get you started.

Further Elevating This Simple Dip's Flavors

Various sauces in bowls
Various sauces in bowls - Elena Eryomenko / Shutterstock

If you want to mix things up with this sauce's main players, try using other umami additions instead of soy sauce. Worcestershire is a great choice, as is coconut aminos if you're looking for a vegan swap. As for sour cream alternatives, try using some other common ingredients like tangy Greek yogurt or creamy mayonnaise.

If you're simply looking to enhance the dip, try giving it some extra smokiness with a few cracks of black pepper. For a sweeter edge, and to balance the soy sauce's salty flavors, consider mixing in a few dashes of rice wine vinegar. This sweet but subtly acidic condiment can help create an even more complex, well-rounded dip.

There are countless delicious ways to use soy sauce and sour cream, so don't be afraid to stray from your usual recipes. The kitchen is for getting creative, and if you're usually reluctant to try something new, this simple dip is an easy way to start branching out.

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