Spider-Man 2 footage showcases gameplay, unveils two classic villains

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Spider-Man 2 footage confirms classic villainsInsomniac Games/Marvel Games/PlayStation

Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 5 is one of the year's most anticipated titles, and we reckon that hype has only intensified after today's (May 24) PlayStation Showcase.

Fans were treated to a trailer and an extended clip combining cutscenes and gameplay from the Marvel sequel game.

In the trailer (shown above), we see formidable comics-turned-upcoming-film baddie Kraven the Hunter decide to come to New York City since he's looking for some worthwhile prey and the city is just full of super-powered folks.

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Insomniac Games/Marvel Games/PlayStation

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In the gameplay reveal footage, Peter Parker is seen wearing none other than the Symbiote suit, which fans will know makes him skirt very close to being evil before he gets rid of it (creating Venom in the process).

We definitely see a lot of that aggression here, as he and Miles Morales' Spidey chase after The Lizard partly because he's wreaking havoc and partly because they need his human form Curt Connors to help save Harry Osborn's life.

Peter's growing giant tentacles to throw things around and use a shield, as well as showcasing an attitude that has Miles concerned. We all know that Venom will be in the game, but how dark will Peter go before that? Will the two Spider-Men have to fight?

the lizard in marvels spiderman 2, the lizard and miles morales as spiderman fighting
Insomniac Games/Marvel Games/PlayStation
marvels spiderman 2 symbiote suit, peter parker in symbiote suit, spiderman 2 game
Insomniac Games/Marvel Games/PlayStation
marvel's spiderman 2 symbiote suit tentacles
Insomniac Games/Marvel Games/PlayStation

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Gameplay seems similar to before, with the addition of the aforementioned tentacles and the use of the square button to swap between Peter and Miles (when prompted to at least, as square is usually used to punch bad guys).

Spider-Man 2 is set for release exclusively on PlayStation 5 in fall 2023. The first game is available on PS4, with a Remastered edition on PS5 and PC through Steam and Epic Games Store.

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