How Spider-Man: Far From Home could set up Deadpool in the MCU

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The fate of Deadpool in light of the Fox-Disney merger was finally put to rest at this year’s CinemaCon, when House of Mouse chairman Alan Horn revealed, “You'll be seeing more of Deadpool in the years to come.”

It only makes sense, considering how Ryan Reynolds’ anti-hero changed the genre with his snarky sensibilities, leading to the towering success of the first and second films.

Now all they need to do is figure out how to introduce the Merc with a (foul) Mouth into the Magic Kingdom. He’s not exactly SFW, let alone family friendly – and yet, would a Deadpool without an R rating even be Deadpool?

Then again, if the heads at Marvel Studios can orchestrate a battle culminating a 21-film series involving Spider-Man riding on Valkyrie’s winged horse, then surely they can find a way to get Wade Wilson to cool it with the katana blade.

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The question remains over whether the Chimichanga-loving mutant will continue to exist in his own messed-up little world, or if he’ll join the MCU for more misadventures.

Although there’s a case to be made for the former option – many are still banking on Deadpool 3 as the next property in the pipeline – other rumours posit the idea of an Avengers/Deadpool team-up.

The opportunity to make this happen, or at least get the ball rolling, could be with the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home. It might not be the start of Phase 4 anymore, but it does open up a world (or a multiverse, if you will) of possibilities for the cinematic universe moving forward. Deadpool included.

Despite the obvious tonal clash, this isn't just fan-fiction or wishful thinking. In the comics, Spider-Man and Deadpool have a long-running history, having first met in 1997 comic Deadpool V1 #11 when the Merc gets sent back in time and ends up in a 1960s Amazing Spider-Man issue.

Since 2016, the pair have featured in their own popular comic-book line where they’ve become one of Marvel’s most unexpected and beloved duos. Despite a number of fallouts through the ongoing series, the red-suited heroes always seem to end up on the same side. Even if Wade does get on Peter’s nerves.

The way Deadpool and Spider-Man bounce off each other could be the thing Disney needs to bridge the gap between the franchises and allow Wade to survive in a PG-13 environment.

Recent rumours have suggested this could happen in the third solo film of Tom Holland’s iteration of the Web-head, but the second can help set this up. How? With that little thing we call the multiverse.

As explained by Jake Gyllenhal’s Mysterio in the trailer, Thanos’ Snap tore a hole in our reality and has opened up a portal to an infinite number of dimensions.

“There are multiple realities, Peter," he explains. "This is Earth-616. I'm from Earth-833. We share identical physical constance, Level Four symmetry." (Anyone who’s read the comics will know that there’s every chance, of course, that this is just a smoke screen for Mysterio’s trickery.)

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If he is telling the truth, then the multiverse is open for business, presenting countless opportunities for the entry of new heroes and villains into the MCU.

Now before you get too excited, it’s pretty much a given that Deadpool won’t be teaming up with Peter any time soon. What it does mean, however, is that there’s potential for their bromance to blossom in the future on the big screen – maybe even in the currently untitled Spider-Man 3.

The character’s fate is in the hands of the Marvel bosses and how they decide to play it.

Head honcho Kevin Feige is unsure about whether Deadpool has a place in the MCU, having previously told Variety that it “remains to be seen” if the studio will start making R-rated adventures.

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That said, he echoed Iger’s earlier promise to do so with this particular series. “When we were purchased, Bob said to us, ‘if it’s not broke, don’t fix it,'” said Feige. “There’s no question that Deadpool is working, so why would we change it?”

They’re certainly leaning towards Deadpool continuing in his own crazy realm, but this could all change as Feige and co figure out how to deal with the slew of characters who are now under the Disney banner.

If they did decide to go with a Spidey-Mutant team-up, then the multiverse seems like the most plausible way for this to happen. Although it’s safe to say they’ll have a major job on their hands, not least with how to make enough space in the MCU for such high levels of snark.

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