Spider-Man star Tom Holland posts his Marvel ‘pub quiz’ online for all to see

Jacob Stolworthy, Louis Chilton

Spider-Man star Tom Holland has posted the full virtual Marvel “pub quiz” he hosted on Instagram for everyone to see.

The British actor hosted the “chaotic” event from his home (while drinking from his Iron Man mug, of course) and more than 180,000 people tuned in to participate.

The quiz was designed to raise money for his family’s charity organisation The Brothers Trust.

Now, it’s available for those who missed it to enjoy.

The quiz included questions such as: “How many Iron Man suits did Tony Stark create?”, ”Who did Kat Dennings play in Thor?” and “How does Nick Fury like his toast?”

Some were more obscure than others, with one particularly tough question asking fans to identify the number of MJ’s hotel room in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

“If you know this, you’re a creep,” joked Holland.

After reading through the list of questions, the actor then took time to chat with individual fans via video link while going through the answers.

Holland even convinced one fan to play him a song on the guitar, after noticing that she was speaking to him from a fully equipped music room.

People voiced their appreciation for the event on Twitter, with one commenter describing it as “the sweetest thing”.

Holland was recently due to start filming on the third Spider-Man film, however its production was pushed back indefinitely due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Next o the Marvel agenda is Black Widow, which was originally scheduled to be released this week. It’ll now come out in November.

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