Spider-Man star's new movie debuts with 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating

martin starr, there's something in the barn teaser
Spider-Man star's horror debuts with 100% RT scoreCharades Films

Spider-Man's Martin Starr headlines a future cult classic in horror There's Something in the Barn.

Having recently premiered his movie at Fantastic Fest, Norwegian filmmaker Magnus Martens has seemingly crafted one of the surprise packages of 2023, receiving a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 100%.

The action follows an American family investigating their roots after inheriting a remote cabin in the Scandinavian mountains. Awaiting them though are evil elves.

martin starr, there's something in the barn teaser
Charades Films

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At the time of writing, there's only a handful of reviews out there, several of which we've gathered below:


"Magnus Martens is no stranger to horror, having worked on two Walking Dead spin-offs, and he brings those skills here, crafting visually interesting, gory, and very entertaining horror set pieces.

"There's Something in the Barn doesn't reinvent the wheel, but it offers a fun Christmas horror movie with cultural authenticity, and a great companion to Krampus and Rare Exports as movies that twist the lore of Christmas in delightfully violent and deadly ways."


"At its best when it's poking fun at Norwegian and American culture, and it's these culture clashes that make for some of the most genuinely hilarious, and silliest, moments between the characters. It's easy to tell the cast had a great time with the material, and their comedic timing is excellent.

"To that end, the film's comedy hits all the right notes before it's overshadowed by the somewhat underwhelming horror-centric finale."

there's something in the barn teaser
Charades Films

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"Starr, who is almost always relegated to supporting roles, does a fantastic job as the leading man, channelling his inner Chevy Chase with just enough of that trademark awkward energy to keep the character unique.

"Anytime you think maybe it's time to look at your watch, someone throws a Christmas ornament bomb, gets eaten by a snowmobile, or gets chased on a sled. So many fun, weird things happen that even when they don't fit, it's still entertaining."

Sunshine State Cineplex

"Despite struggles with greenscreens and some of the screenplay, There's Something in the Barn makes for an exciting new Christmas horror flick. It's fun, light, and, most importantly, hilarious.

"The actors know exactly what kind of movie they've signed up for, and Martens ensures the film commits to its premise. With fun gore effects and great characters, There's Something in the Barn will earn perennial holiday viewing status for horror fans."

There's Something in the Barn does not yet have a theatrical release date.

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