Stan Lee might die broke after claims his fortune is 'being picked apart by vultures'

Stan Lee’s fortune is reportedly under attack
Stan Lee’s fortune is reportedly under attack

Stan Lee has amounted a considerable amount of wealth over the years thanks to co-founded the Marvel Comics empire, but according to reports his fortune “is being picked apart by vultures.”

The 95-year-old is said to have had a significant amount of his money siphoned off by a former business associate over the last several months since the death of his wife of 70 years, Joan.

“It’s a real f**king mess over there,” a source told The Daily Beast. “I think his money will be gone in a few weeks… Stan and [his daughter] JC are literally being picked apart by vultures.”

In December, Lee had contacted police after an unauthorised cheque of $300,000 was paid out to a merchandise company and charity, Hands of Respect, for a “loan” and according to TMZ, they believed that the person who forged it worked for his foundation.

Jerry Olivarez is accused of forging cheques from Stan Lee
Jerry Olivarez is accused of forging cheques from Stan Lee

That person is said to be Jerry Olivarez, a former business associate of his daughter Joan Celia, 67, who is also alleged to be the recipient of several more forged cheques and the purchaser of a $850,000 condo bought through Hands of Respect. Forensic accountants are reportedly looking into the time period where Olivarez had power of attorney over Lee’s business affairs.

According to an insider, both Stan and JC were prone to allowing con artists and hangers-on into their lives later in life.

“Maybe their contemporaries and friends are all dead, and now they just have a bunch of hangers-on and sketchy-ass people hanging around,” the insider told The Daily Beast. “I have the feeling that he has been taken by everyone in the world.”

Lee was recently forced to deny several accusations of sexual harassment by nurses who took care of him and his late wife, and, had the LAPD come out to his home to respond to a battery claim against his long-time bodyguard Max Anderson.

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