Stan Lee's business manager arrested over 'bogus police report'

Ben Arnold
Stan Lee (Credit: Getty)

Stan Lee’s business partner Keya Morgan has been arrested on suspicion of filing a fake police report, which may be linked to claims that the Marvel co-founder was held up at gunpoint.

Morgan was taken into custody in Los Angeles on Monday and while the LAPD confirmed it was for filing a false police report, it did not divulge details.

The Hollywood Reporter, however, has suggested that the arrest could be linked to reports from earlier this month that Lee was confronted at his home by two men with guns who demanded money from him.

It’s the latest in a series of incidents surrounding the 95-year-old, among them allegations that several individuals close to him are aiming to seize his multi-million dollar estate.

Stan Lee with business partner Keya Morgan (Credit: Getty)

Earlier this year, it was claimed in an investigation by THR that he had become the victim of elder abuse, following the death of his wife of 70 years Joan in July last year.

In February, he was said to have signed a legal declaration that his 67-year-old daughter J.C. had been demanding money from him, and that associates of hers, including Morgan, were aiming to ‘gain control over my assets, property and money’.

Lee later denied that this was the case in a video posted to social media, and also denied that he was the victim of abuse.

Meanwhile, a lawsuit filed in April against a former manager of Lee’s, Jerardo ‘Jerry’ Olivarez, accused him of stealing blood from his client to use in a stamp of ‘DNA ink’ on comic books which were then sold to fans, a practice Lee is said not to have consented to.

Olivarez has also been accused of stealing as much as $1.4 million from Lee in court filings.

Last month, Lee also filed a staggering $1 billion lawsuit against his former business partners POW! Entertainment, who he claims took advantage of him in selling the company to Hong Kong-based company Camsing International in 2017.

In yet another twist, stories emerged in April that Lee was being accused of sexual misconduct by a massage therapist, following an alleged incident in a hotel in Chicago.

Lee has denied the claims, his attorney telling the Chicago Tribune: “He is a high-profile public figure and I think it’s a shakedown.”

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