Stanley Kubrick’s Daughter Dismisses Fake Moon Landing Rumours As “A Grotesque Lie”

One of the most enduring and exotic movie conspiracy theories in Hollywood history has been dismissed as the work of “malicious cranks” by Stanley Kubrick’s daughter Vivian.

The 55-year-old composer took to Twitter to address the long-standing rumour that her father had conspired with the US government to fake the moon landings in 1969.

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Many people think his 1980 horror ‘The Shining’, with its many references to space travel and the Apollo missions, was Kubrick’s way of admitting responsibility, but Vivian calls the whole theory “a grotesque lie”.

“Many people have asked me about this. And this feels like a right time to respond,” she wrote after posting about NASA’s recent mission to Jupiter.

“How can anyone believe that one of the greatest defenders of mankind would commit such an act of betrayal?” Kubrick added. “My father’s artistic works are his unimpeachable defense!”

Read her full statement on Twitter below.

Image credits: Warner Bros./Rex